Summer Sonic 2018 in Japan

Summer Sonic 2018 will be more amazing than ever with great activities worldwide including: Coldplay, The Strokes, Radiohead and Underwworld. The festival will take place on a large main stage and other small stages according to each musical genre in both Chiba and Osaka.

Participants this year include Chance the Rapper, Beck, Shawn Mendes and Queens of the Stone Age rockers, among others.

Summer Sonic 2018 will be more amazing than ever – Photo: Summersonic

Music performed during the festival includes European and American music types such as hip-hop, rock, jazz, helping people bring a modern and vibrant atmosphere to attendees.

Fares to attend the festival are 16000 yen / person / day and 29000 yen / person / 2 days.

Before Summer Sonic, Sonic Mania and the performance of Nine Inch Nails, Marshmello and My Bloody Valentine will be played. Ticket price is 12000 yen plus additional 500 yen for drinks.

Time to organize: August 18-19, 2018
Location: Zozo Chiba Sea Stadium
How to move: 1km from Kaihin – Makuhari Station
How to book tickets: Customers can view ticket location information, how to order via the official website of the festival

In addition to the two major summer music festivals mentioned above, fans can participate in a number of other exciting music events such as: Rock in Japan Festival held on August 4,5,11,12 with the participation of famous rock and pop bands such as Uverworld, M-flo, Superfly, … at Ibaraki beach park; Rising Sun Rock festival takes place on August 10 and 12 in northern Hokkaido with Japanese rock and young artists Ame no Parade and Suiyoubi no Campanella. In addition, if you love the thrill and fun of drums, music lovers can participate in Earth Celebration festival of the Kodo drummer held annually on August 17-19 on Sodo Island, Japan. .

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