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Surely most of us like music and believe it, a successful event is always associated with music. Choosing background music for the event is just as important as choosing the venue, service style and time of the event. Whether it’s an eventful event or a serious event, if the event lacks musical elements, it’s actually a pretty dull thing. The music contributes to giving your event an inspiration that customers will remember forever. And here are some helpful tips to make sure you choose the right soundtrack for your event.

Classification of events
Assuming that you organize an intimate dinner that values ​​connection between people or an event that requires a lot of communication, the music is too exciting for sure will not be very suitable. However, saying that is not that we will completely eliminate it, after the intimate dinner show ends, we will definitely take advantage of the band with a lively rhythm if the customer wants to have minutes. jubilant seconds.

Location and level of “monumental” of the event
Before choosing music, try to imagine where your event will be held and how big it is, event space is an extremely important factor. A solo violinist in a auditorium as big as a theater would certainly be out of place. In contrast, a group with all sorts of musical instruments performing in a cramped room would be a mess of noise. So choose the magnificence of the band appropriate to the event space, one thing to keep in mind is that if your event is divided from two or more areas, please consider identifying. the position of the artists so that the sound is not too distracted.

Subject of the event
This is not too difficult because the music is rich in genre and that helps us reduce the headache in making choices. Choosing a vibrant Flamenco band for an international event is also a good idea and don’t forget the violinists if your event is a bit classy and classic. When you research on choosing music by theme, don’t forget to pay attention to the choice of food as it is a bit related and effective, it will certainly be very good.

Time of day
There is an opinion that daytime events often pay attention to the connection between the participants and so the use of lively music is not very effective but sometimes it is not. It is a general idea that we still have to consider what kind of event it is, outdoors or indoors. So if it’s a conference in a hotel … during the day, use light music, and if it’s a fair, consider some of the music that’s a bit more exciting. Coming to the events taking place at night is a little different, usually the event will be divided into two parts, with the opening using light music and then gradually increase the “blood” bit by bit, if customers want “Fire” your best, do not be shy to break some dance music.

Features of the event venue
This is something that some amateur event organizers often overlook, you should know that the nature of each location is different – and here I am referring to how sound is handled. Event rooms using wood and fabric coverings will absorb sound better than venues that use a lot of metal – where sound tends to produce loud echo. Not stopping there, rooms using a lot of metal will also contribute to the echo increase when customers discuss and that is very uncomfortable.

If your event takes place outdoors, carefully calculate the location of the musicians to avoid bad weather that may affect their performance as well as the instrument. Another thing to note is the volume, each region will have a separate regulation. Please contact the place where you plan to organize the event and discuss carefully to avoid the sound to affect the surrounding areas. Playing with the government is not a good idea!

Customer’s age
Usually, the older we get the lighter the music we get. In contrast, young people with active personalities always want to immerse themselves in the vibrant melodies, the musical taste of each age is extremely different. So when choosing the music for the event you should discuss it carefully with the musicians, we can’t please everyone, but the Event Channel thinks at least we can choose a genre that everyone like it all. A dance group that can both satisfy the admirers in the 1960s and have the capacity to handle the hit songs in the 2012 chart is not a bad idea.

As we mentioned, music is the soul and also contributes to the success or failure of the event. The smartest thing you can do is talk to your lighting provider and ask them what interests you – the items that the Event Channel introduced above.

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