Simple ways to keep the environment clean at the music festival

With the terrible number of attendees at the festivities, the environmental problem always causes a headache for the organizers. So read this article for more tips to help protect the environment at the festival.

Summer is almost here, so a series of music festivals will take place, and the Tomorrowland super festival will take place in less than 3 weeks in Belgium. For a festive and camping model, use the following tips to help keep the environment where the event is clean. And of course protect the earth as well.

Bring a reusable water bottle.
At major music festivals, the organizers will often arrange a “water station” for the audience. You just need to bring a plastic bottle with a moderate capacity, turn on the faucet, so you already have a water bottle to fuel your fun. When it is over, we just need to repeat the above steps only.

Personal water bottles are both convenient and reduce plastic waste
By bringing personal water bottles, festivals can reduce the amount of plastic waste that comes from bottles, mugs, etc.Because, statistically, not all of those items after being used are located in trash can. And it can cause poisoning to lakes, rivers, soil, …

Don’t “forget” your tent at the festival
Tents are an indispensable item when participating in continuous music festivals such as Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, … But the fact that you leave such a cheap tent also causes more waste for the campus. The tent can be reused, or if not, you can take it to a charity center or opt for other options. The cleaning of the tent after the event should not be the responsibility of the organizers.

This year, the Electric Forest music festival has suggested a more “environmentally friendly” option. These are tents made of paper, thus minimizing the amount of plastic coming from other rubber tents. Hopefully in the future there will be more festivals using this model.

These cardboard paper tents also look great!
Use environmentally friendly glitter
The fact that female ravers stick on stickers and glitter to reflect the sparkle is not too strange. They are also known as “identity” ravers. But let’s take a look at their environmental impact. Each glitter will still contain a tiny amount of plastic. So the thousands of ravers emitting the same amount of plastic will also cause serious environmental problems.

Switching to natural glitter also helps protect the environment while still shimmering
So try switching to an environmentally friendly glitter. They are equally attractive to traditional glitter.

Car sharing or using public transportation to move
You cannot see the amount of greenhouse gases emitted and how they are affected while enjoying the festival. With the “flow” into the air a large amount of emissions used to move to the location, we can reduce by planning with friends to share cars, buses, … to minimize emissions. out by so many means of transportation. Moreover, it will limit traffic congestion and give a more comfortable trip.

If you want to ride in a private car because of the hot weather and desire air conditioning, you can consider wearing a spray of humidifier, fan, water to help cool down.

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