5 search and event sites in Japan


Eventful is one of the most informative websites on the list. The plus point of Eventful is the variety in the subject of events. You can find information about European and American artists’ shows, art exhibitions, educational seminars or even politics on this site.

The special feature of Eventful is “Demand it” or it can be translated as “Request event”. This 1-0-2 feature allows you to “invite” your favorite character to appear at events in your area. The website will send you notifications if your desired event is scheduled. In addition, Eventful also allows users to post event information for free on their website easily.

Website: https://eventful.com/

Japan Attractions

Japan Attractions is the website of a Japanese company that supports English interface for foreigners. As a website dedicated to events in Japan, Japan Attractions has more information about events and festivals organized by Japanese localities. The “Special Edition” section is designed specifically for big events and seasonal highlights. Although allowing users to post events on the site, Japan Attractions has a more sophisticated and careful method. The event organizer must download and fill out an existing form, then send an e-mail to the Japan Attractions address to wait for approval.

Website: https://japan-attractions.jp


Like Eventful, Meetup is a website owned by a foreign company. However, both have been very popular in the Japanese community. Meetup is popular with small-scale events, the atmosphere is close and does not require elaborate investment. In addition to participating in events, site users can also join community groups, send messages to group members and be notified whenever the group has a new event. Can imagine Meetup is a social networking site dedicated to events, meetings. Moreover, users can easily create their own groups and events through this website.

Website: https://www.meetup.com


For those who love the exchange and explore activities in Japan, surely you will not feel strange to Eventbrite. Like some previous websites, events on Eventbrite are also very diverse in genre. The biggest plus point of Eventbrite is probably the open interface, modern and easy to see. In addition, the website has the function of supporting extremely thoughtful event organizers, from statistics, presentation design to marketing. However, Eventbrite will charge if you want your event to appear on their website.

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/

Japan Meetings and Events

Finally, Japan Meetings and Events, a website belonging to JNTO – an independent administrative organization of the Japanese government. Unlike the above 4 websites, Japan Meetings and Events focuses on international scholars rather than tourists. Therefore, the website focuses on information about conferences, forums, technology exhibitions rather than entertainment.

The biggest strength of Japan Meetings and Events is probably the government’s resources. JNTO is available to provide free consultation and support to event organizers, including venue descriptions, local vendors, video materials, images for advertising, etc. v ..

Website: https://www.japanmeetings.org/

It can be said that Japan is an extremely dynamic country and loves to meet and festivals. You will always find opportunities to have fun, explore the culture and people here once you’ve arrived in the country of these Samurai. Above are 5 websites that will help your life in Japan become more exciting and interesting.

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