7 Tips To Make Your Product Packaging Stand Out

The packaging of your product can make a massive difference to its marketability. Consider how you perceive packaging and the difference between a branded product and a supermarket’s value version – when packaging looks good and impressive it is more likely to make us feel positive about its contents.

Well-designed packaging increases the value of a product. Ultimately this affects the bottom line – how many products you sell – so it is vital that you get it right. Good packaging can’t save a bad product, but bad packaging can bury a good one, so it natural to want to be cautious.
However, doing so can leave you being overshadowed by your competition.

So here are seven essential tips to help your product stand out from the crowd.

Research your competition

If you want to stand out from the crowd, the most important thing to know is what you are up against. Look at your competitor products and see what they are doing.

This can tell you many things – firstly, it shows you what works in marketing this product and what customers expect from the packaging. However, it can also tell you what none of them are doing. Moreover, it is from this that you can learn how to stand out.

Ensure the packaging matches the product

If you take a look at the competition and notice that there is a gap in the packaging marketing for a product with bright and vibrant colours, this can look like an opportunity.
However, if you are trying to position your product with prestige and a high price point compared to your competition, lurid packaging can send the wrong messages to the consumer.

Be more professional than your competition

While you are researching your competition, take a look at how their packaging can be improved. If you are selling local artisanal coffee and all of your competition are using simple brown packets with printed labels, you can make your product stand out by investing in higher quality packaging.

Looking more professional than your competition can reap the rewards down the line.Take a look at these upmarket bags with zip and valve will not only improve the quality of the finished product but also show off your brand in a fantastic light.

Understand your audience

As well as having good insight into your competition, it is also essential to understand your audience. If you create packaging that doesn’t impress them, then your product is not going to sell well.

Use colours effectively

Colour can be one of the most useful tools in your product packaging arsenal. Bold and unexpected colour choices can help your product to catch the eye when it is on the shelf.

Moreover, if your product is in the eye line of your customers more than your competitors, you have already had considerable success.

Of course, this is where understanding your market and customer base comes. If your competitors are all using very bold colours, then it can make you stand out far more by going with a straightforward and minimalist design.

Work with the best quality materials you can The packaging will look cheap compared with your competitors, and it can even end up with products getting damaged because the packaging is not sturdy enough for it.

Don’t get stale

With modern technology, there is no reason that your packaging should ever start to look out of date or stale.It is so easy to make changes to designs that you can regularly upgrade and improve the overall look.

Small changes on a regular basis keep your product looking fresh, and it can also help to give you a better understanding of how your packaging should look to be the most effective.

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