Halloween festival in Japan

The Japanese are famous for their imagination, their ability to fly, fantastic inventions and even strange inventions. The country of sunrise pioneering the introduction of Western culture, there is no reason to skip Halloween.

Halloween introduced, immediately harmonized with Japanese Cosplay culture. A great similarity, mutual support. Japanese young people are inspired to dress with spooky cosplay in boundless imagination and creativity.

Another, more literary, orthodox cause, is that Halloween is somewhere like a “Western feast”, like the day the spirits rise. In terms of similarities, the basic thought is that the Obon festival in Japan (“souls return to families”) is completely different from Halloween (“banish evil spirits”).

Celebrating Halloween festival in Japan
Halloween festivals held in Japan of course are variations, starting off softer, less spooky; but there are also more bizarre, horror and even “freaky” versions.

Although this holiday in Japan, people also sell candy, items related to Halloween such as pumpkin jam, jack lantern, … but there is NO “traditional” candy “trick or treat” as the original. Please.

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