15 Best Museums in Japan

Japan is a famous country all over the world because of a unique culture that is not mixed with anywhere else in the world. So this country has many “unique” museums. Visit museums in Japan to broaden your horizons.

Meguro Parasite Museum

This museum was created by a doctor with expertise in “parasites”. This is one of the rare museums in Japan and even in the world because of the diversity in numbers and types of creatures – creatures with rare deformed shapes, so this museum is a bit worthwhile. fear of the faint of heart. The creatures on display here are not only Japanese but are also collected from overseas.

Museum of tobacco and salt

It can be said that the museum of tobacco and salt is one of the museums that attract tourists in the land of the rising sun. This place displays a series of interesting collections on two main topics: tobacco and salt such as cigarette cases, salt making tools … The reason indigenous people choose them is because for the Japanese, Salt and tobacco are two indispensable products in daily life from the past to the present. If you need to learn about salt making or the effects of tobacco, the museum is the best place to visit.

Tokyo Toy Museum

One museum that is considered the most popular from small to large, from male to female, is the Tokyo toy museum. There are more than 10,000 different types of toys displayed here, whether they are children or adults, they can enjoy watching or participating in live play. It was originally an old elementary school remodeled and turned into a museum, but in general, it still retains the architecture of the old school, so almost everyone who comes here will feel strangely familiar to them. for indigenous people, and for foreign visitors, this is an opportunity to learn more about Japanese school architecture.

Metro Museum

Located below the ground, visitors to this museum can learn about the subway assembly process and the origin of it. So for students or those with a special interest in railroads, it will be an exciting and promising destination. Visitors coming here will be able to practice ship operations with a simulation model equipped right inside the museum.

Suginami Cartoon Museum

If you are a person who has a special passion for Japanese animation genre, then visiting the Suginami animation museum in Tokyo will be an opportunity for you to explore many interesting things. The tour allows visitors to carefully observe the production process of an anime cartoon character, close-ups of beautiful pictures or an overview of the animation of indigenous people.

The Japanese Sword Museum

This museum was originally a place to keep the swords that were considered national treasures, later expanded into a museum with nearly 200 types of swords, different types of armor. Because these are preserved artifacts dating back to the end of the Heian period, visitors can feel the exquisite beauty in every line, each design and beauty that still exists today without fading. by the time.

Momofuku Ando Instant Noodles Museum

The construction of this museum aims to honor the father of instant noodles Momofuku Ando. With the largest area to display all brands as well as instant noodles in Japan. Once you choose this place as a sightseeing spot, you will be able to fully explore the production process of noodles, which makes visitors extremely impressed at the museum is that there is a service to make instant noodles in the form of packages and glasses. .

Ozu Japanese Paper Museum

In this museum, in addition to displaying many different types of Japanese paper, visitors can also participate in the actual experience of paper-making from ancient Japan. Japanese paper is famous for its toughness, softness that few other types of paper in the world match. If compared with the current Japanese paper common paper, Japanese paper is always appreciated for durability as well as in terms of paper quality. And up to now, this is one of the traditional handicraft products that Japanese people are always proud of.

Takoyaki Museum

As a typical dish of Osaka city, visitors should not be surprised when there is a museum in Takoyaki in the city. Here, visitors can freely learn about the history of the formation of this unique dish and in parallel, admire the variation patterns that have appeared since 1935. Coming to the museum, visitors will enjoy the Takoyaki tablets from skilled chefs or buying “Takoyaki”-style souvenirs.

Yebisu Beer Museum

Located in Ebisu park, Shibuya district. Tokyo, the Yebisu beer museum invites Japanese tourists with strange “giant” beer glasses. The museum is divided into four separate galleries, including artifacts galleries, beer tasting rooms.Meiji University Museum

Meiji University Museum

The museum is displaying documents and items of torture tools and death row instruments that are related to the ancient Japanese and foreign penalties. Typically there is a death table and “iron maiden”, a terrible fear for prisoners because when locked in this, the sharp nails will pierce the body of the prisoner from head to toe to die slowly in extreme pain.

Ghibli Museum

Tokyo Ghibli Museum is the world of Ghibli cartoons – the childhood of generations. Visiting the museum, you will be welcomed by Totoro, seeing the robot army in “Castle in the Sky” firsthand. Children in elementary school and below can also try or climb the Neko Bus appearing in “Tonari no Totoro”. Do not hesitate any more, buy a ticket to go back to childhood!

Yayoi Kusama Tokyo Museum

The Yayoi Kusama Museum of Tokyo is home to the works of polka dots queen Yayoi Kusama. Kusama hosts many exhibitions around the world, she was voted “the most popular artist of 2014” by Art Newspaper. Visit the Yayoi Kusama Museum to see the unique works of art created from the simplest dots by the artistic hand of the most talented woman.

The Edo Museum

Edo is the old name of Tokyo. Edo Museum vividly recreates the image of the town of Edo before 1869. From the fashion, culture, architecture, transportation, commerce, politics, .. of the peaceful Edo town are all recorded here.

Bunkamura Museum

The 99 replica of the animals around the world, gathered together to drink form a singkle waterhole, is based on an image that came to Cai Guo-Qiang after visiting North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) off the coast of Brisbane.

The 99 replica of the animals around the world, gathered together to drink form a singkle waterhole, is based on an image that came to Cai Guo-Qiang after visiting North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) off the coast of Brisbane.
Bunkamura is one of Tokyo’s leading art museums, which hosts more than 30 large and small art exhibitions and unique international art shows each year. Besides the museum, the Bunkamura building also has theaters, movie theaters, shopping malls and food courts.

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