What do Japanese people eat in the winter?

Referring to Japan, people immediately think of a country with beautiful natural scenes, warm people, friendly with countless good qualities. However, it would be flawed not to mention the culinary culture at this cherry blossom treatment. Japanese cuisine is famous in the world for its finesse in processing and decorating dishes, the taste of Japanese food is often ethereal, bold with the unique identity of each season. Let Liam Food Photography explore 6 typical Japanese dishes in the winter!


This is the name of a famous Japanese hot pot. Yonsenabe means “together”. You can give everything you want, like fish, vegetables, meat, etc. This dish is made from dashi (broth made from grated fish and seaweed), vegetables, tofu and noodles. There are many types of Nabe hot pot, but Yonsenabe is the most popular and popular dish among most families in Japan. It is easy to do but time-consuming in preparing ingredients. And there is no general recipe for the ingredients of this dish. By exactly the name, you can buy anything depending on your taste.


Mizutaki is a hotpot (also known as Nabemono or Nabe) made from a non-fat fish broth and a sauce called Ponzu. The accompanying ingredients are still familiar things like vegetables, meat, seafood … like hotpot dishes in Vietnam. The ingredients will be cooked directly in Japanese Donabe ceramic pot right on the kitchen table. This is a favorite dish of Japanese people, especially in the cold winter because of this “blowing and eating” characteristic.

Yudofu (Boiled tofu)

This is a very famous dish in the Kyoto region, Japan. The tofu will be steamed in a pot of hot water, then combined with the side dishes made from beans, sprinkled with kelp and served with two spices, Yukosho and Ponzu. This dish is especially popular because it is both delicious and simple and easy to make.
Ankake Udon (Udon noodles hotpot)

Referring to Japan, it is impossible not to mention Udon noodles. This is a dish made from wheat flour, with large fibers and soaked in cold water with some seasoning. Ingredients often have boiled eggs with mushrooms and some vegetables like mung beans. Concentrated and thick broth is made from fish and soy sauce. This is seen as the special Udon noodles of Japanese people in the winter.
Tori Zosui

This is chicken rice soup, usually used after eating hotpot. In Japanese, “zo” means “to add”, while “sui” means “water”. Soups like these are often used during periods of scarcity in Japan. This dish is made from leftover rice or has been processed as cold rice, then cooked with hotpot broth until the rice is soft and pureed.

Oden’s appearance is quite similar to hotpot but the processing is similar to that of stew. Typical ingredients are white radish, chicken eggs, fish cakes, tofu, can add octopus or beef tendons depending on the region. Dashi soup is specially made from dried shavings of fish and kelp, seasoned with Japanese soy sauce and some other wines. The broth has a slightly salty taste of shouyu and the sweetness of radish makes people feel warmer in the winter.

Above are some popular dishes in winter in “Country of the rising sun”. If you are in need of a set of professional food photography photos serving both online and offline brand communication activities with high concept and image quality requirements, contact LIAM Production for advice. and detailed quotes.

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