Three 100-Yen Shops to Add to Your Japan Bucket List

Walk into any of the +5,000 Japanese 100-yen shops and you will walk out with your arms full (and your wallet, too)! Daily necessities, designer stationery, and delectable consumables can be purchased for only 100 yen, making them the perfect souvenirs for the budget-conscious tourist as well as a go-to store that is almost as convenient as a Japanese conbini (convenience store). Take a closer look at three popular 100-yen shops in Japan as we highlight a few of the limitless items that are sure to end up in your suitcase.

Daiso 100-Yen Shop

Daiso is the largest 100-yen shop chain in Japan, with 2,900 stores in Japan and 1,400 locations overseas (as of March 2015). It’s not an exaggeration to say that everything you need to survive is available here, including daily necessities, stationery, clothes, and food and drinks. If you’re looking for a wide variety of goods at one time, Daiso is the answer. While there are far too many products stocked on Daiso’s shelves to give a comprehensive description, here are a few to whet your appetite.

Can Do 100-Yen Shop

With 930 shops in Japan (as of January 2016), Can Do handles an abundance of commodities and consumables and have made a name for themselves with their brand name products! Can Do stores are known among locals for being incredibly easy to navigate, while tourists are often surprised that goods are only 100 yen; in particular, their “Do!STARS” products are highly praised. Can Do is also known for its stylish atmosphere, designed to make shopping an enjoyable experience, and every week new items are displayed to keep customers entertained. Here are just some of the thoughtful products you can expect to find when you step into a Can Do 100-yen shop.

Seria 100-Yen Shop

Seria has a strong reputation among Japan’s 100-yen shops because of their lineup of stylish and cute products. With the concept of “Color the days,” they offer a variety of goods targeting more upscale tastes. The shops feature an abundance of handicraft goods, gift wrapping, kitchenware for baking sweets, and designer tableware. Every Seria features a special display near the entrance for seasonal goods such as Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, as well as traditional Japanese holidays. When you go to Seria, be sure to check this display first as you might find an interesting item that’s too good to pass up.

Japan’s 100-yen shops offer such a variety of practical and stylish goods that you could easily fill up a suitcase of 100-yen souvenirs. The three stores featured here offer similar products, but each has a distinct style so it’s worth checking all them if you’re looking for something in particular.


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