From Japanese housewife – 5 places that should be cleaned daily

Here are five routine works that may make a big difference to your home. Not only say goodbye to harmful pathogens and bacteria, but also reduce the time to wash and polish everything later. If you can do every day so that you can feel fresh and refreshed.

Hand towel

Although it looks beautiful at first glance, according to the US Department of Agriculture research results, the dishcloth is the most dirty in the kitchen. The same is true for hand towels next to toilets and sinks. According to Carolyn Forte, Good Housekeeping Institute’s cleaning lab director, “Hand towels are used more than once a day, so they are more dirty than expected. Change it every day at least once every two days. “

Shower room wall

The best way to maintain the tiles in the shower room is to clean them frequently. According to Forte, after using the shower, you should put a rubber-type wiper on top of the tiles every time. Since the generation of mold can be prevented, the cleaning time is shortened later.

Kitchen counter

If you think of what you put on the kitchen counter (car keys, postal items, cell phone, wallet, etc.), you shouldn’t ignore it. If there is any remaining pet food residue … That’s why it’s important to wipe it clean every day. However, it is forbidden to use the same cloth in any place.

Kitchen sink

After washing your hands and dishes, you tend to think that the sink is clean. But the surface of the sink is left with debris and bacteria. If you really want to be beautiful, try the advice from Forte. Use an eraser-type sponge (melamine sponge) to remove stains, close the drainage channel, pour hot water into the sink, and add a specified amount of bleach (refer to the label on the bag). Rinse for about 5 minutes, rinse, and dry naturally.

Used dishes

If you leave the sauce and food as it is, it will bring insects such as cockroaches and fly flies. Moreover, if you carry it over to the next day, you may become stuck and harder to wash. Before that happens, hand-wash the dishes to be served and the kitchen utensils you use, or put them in a dishwasher (because you don’t have to wash them!

Floor full of fallen litter

Do you accidentally drop ingredients on the floor while cooking? But when dinner is done, before the fallen litter is targeted by insects and viruses, sweep away with a wet sheet or broom for flooring!

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