10 Unique Flavours of Ramen in Tokyo! (Part 2)

1. Rinsuzu Shokudo (りんすず食堂)

Rinsuzu Shokudo is a small Ramen restaurant located near Oshima Station in northeast Tokyo. Along with their basic Ramen, the best selling dish on their menu is “Lemon Ramen”. The surface of dish is covered with slices of one whole lemon, giving a citrus punch to their light chicken stock based soup. It looks weird but customers seems real happy with the taste of Lemon Ramen as the restaurant is extremely popular!

2. Menya Rockando (麺屋 六感堂)

Why are those noodles green?? The answer is Euglena. Euglena is considered to contain multi nutrients and introduced as a health food product in Japan. Menya Rockando is an unique Ramen restaurant which started serving Euglena based “Green Ramen” and it’s now their top selling dish. It’s extremely healthy and very photogenic 🙂

3. Soranoiro Nippon (ソラノイロ ニッポン)

Soranoiro Nippon is a stylish Ramen restaurant located at Tokyo Ramen Street on B1 floor of Tokyo Station. They serve various kinds of creative Ramen dishes and it’s one of rare places where Vegan Ramen are served. Their top selling “Vege Soba” is served with 5–6 colourful vegetables which is totally insta-worthy!

4. Due Italian (黄金の塩らぁ麺 ドゥエ イタリアン)

How does it work when Ramen meets Italian cuisine?? Due Italian is owned by the former Italian chef who is extremely passionate with culinary art, and has been taken Tokyo gourmands by surprise. Their one and only creative dishes includes the vivid red “Tomato Ramen” and the creamy “Fromage Ramen”. The restaurant has been introduced by Michelin Guide Tokyo for 3 years in a row and it’s one of the busiest Ramen restaurants in Tokyo.

5. KIPPOSHI (拉麺 吉法師)

There are various kinds of Ramen in Japan and more creative dishes has been made in recent years.. but this is totally mind-blowing! This eye-popping “Blue Ramen” is served at KIPPOSHI in Asakusa Area. Despite the astonishing look of the soup, the broth is made with chicken with a special Chinese cooking technique, and it’s surprisingly delicious. Are you ready to taste the most colourful Ramen in the world? 

These Ramen dishes are not only eye-catchy but also great taste guaranteed! So enjoy the delicious Ramen and don’t forget to tag #Ramenstargam when you post a photo on Instagram 🙂

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