How to eat sushi properly in japan

In this article, we will show you how to use sushi properly and professionally like a native.

Question 1. Should eat sushi with chopsticks or by hand?

The answer: Chopsticks or hands are fine. Which one is more convenient for you then use it.
In the past, hand-eating was often considered more pure and standard Japanese, but nowadays the use of chopsticks has become very popular. However, Japanese still believe that eating sushi by hand is better. Tip that when you eat with older people you will be more satisfied when they eat sushi by hand. However, eat pickled ginger with chopsticks.

Question 2. What is correct way to eat sushi?

The answer: There are no specific rules and you can eat whatever you like. But this is a suggestion to make the taste better.

When you’re eating sushi, it makes perfect sense to start with lighter, more delicately flavored pieces of sushi and work toward the richer, fattier, more strongly flavored fishes, like eel or fatty tuna.

Also, if sushi is served on a wooden platter or boat, you can eat whatever you like, because don’t any rules for that. In Japan, many people say you should eat from left to right, because it’s the order in which chefs prioritize the best ingredients of the day.

Question 3. How much for soy sauce and wasabi?

The answer: Just a little is enough.

You should only deep a small amount of soy sauce. If you add too much soy sauce, sushi will taste the whole soy sauce and you will not be able to enjoy the taste of the delicious ingredients. In particular, do not immerse the rice in soy sauce, the amount of vinegar in the rice will dissolve, not only that, but the rice will fall out easily.

When eating nigiri, flip the nigiri to dip soy sauce into the meat. In the case of gunkan, if you dip it down, the sauce inside will fall out, so make some sauce directly on the base.

As for wasabi, don’t overdo it. The wasabi’s zesty sometimes excites you but does not feel the freshness of the sushi you are eating. Anyway, the amount of wasabi in the sushi has been captured.

Question 4. What should I take the sushi to my mouth?

The answer: Eating in one bite.

Never bite a piece and place the rest on a plate, such eating is not recommended when using sushi.

Question 5. How do you eat Gunkan?

The answer: Gunkan usually garnish several accompanying cucumber slices to make soy sauce.

For soft ingredients such as sea urchin, salmon roe, etc., they are usually curled with seaweed and made into Gunkan, but if you try to dip in soy sauce, these ingredients will definitely fill up the bowl.

The correct way to eat it is to make soy sauce directly on the cucumber in the Gunkan roll. Or use a piece of ginger dipped in soy sauce and seep into the upper surface of Gunkan

Question 6. Why should you eat pickled ginger?

The answer: If you are not allergic to ginger, eat pickled ginger sushi area with delicious taste and many good uses.

When you miss a piece of fatter sushi like salmon or toro, to enjoy a lighter sushi, take a piece of ginger. Your mouth will be “refreshed” and ready to feel the taste of sushi pieces later.

In addition, sushi uses a lot of raw fish, pickled ginger also works to eliminate odors, cleanse the intestinal tract.

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