The film Asuka baker captivated Vietnamese audience.

The film revolves around the ups and downs of a famous shop in Kyoto with traditional Wagashi baking. Not only that, Asuka also bears the Japanese traditional values. In the film, Asuka is a small girl who dares to try the field that is only for boys. But with the passion and talent inherited from her father, Asuka strived hard to become a talented baker. The film’s education and deep tradition are most evident in the way a father educates his daughter and the meaning of each cake the film refers to.

Asuka’s success is partly due to the acting of the female lead Takeuchi Yuko when she portrayed the role of Asuka as an adult. With realistic, natural and passionate acting, Yuko has created a lot of sympathy for the fans. The actress born in 1980 is famous in many fields from drama, film to television. Although successful in her career, her private life has been rough and rough. In 2005, Yuko married actor Shidō Nakamura after meeting on the set of Be with You. After 3 years, they officially took their leave.

The film has left a deep impression on the tenacity of the Japanese people. The value that the film brings to the audience is huge about Japanese culture rich in humility and humanity. Well deserved to be considered a historical film.

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