The food is made by Japanese cherry blossoms

Not only the national flower of Phu Tang, cherry blossoms are also used in culinary processing to create a unique flavor and enhance the beauty of the dish.

Cherry blossoms are considered a symbol of luck and have become the national flower of Japan. But not many people know that apart from the beautiful beauty, this flower also has a very unique flavor, making it an ingredient for many Japanese favorite dishes.

This type of cake made from Japanese sweet rice. You can find this traditional dish everywhere in Japan during the cherry blossom season.

This is a jelly dish for a hot summer day, Yokan is a jelly made from traditional Japanese jelly, most commonly red bean paste. Each piece of Yokan is like a beautifully decorated artwork, making many people even unable to eat

This is a Japanese style sponge cake. Its full name is Sakura Anko Mushipan, in which Mushipan means steamed bun, it is soft and porous, the flavor of red bean (anko) and cherry blossom (sakura) form a great combination of the Typical sweet ingredients of Japan.

Jelly dishes are like a masterpiece of painting, unlike cherry jelly, with this jelly, you can clearly see the flowers in the transparent jelly (made from sakura soaked water) on top of the cream. goose. A dessert dish that satisfies the typical taste and sight of Japan.

Japan has a variety of traditional wagashi cakes with exquisite beauty inspired by nature. With the main recipe of familiar and simple ingredients such as glutinous rice flour, rice flour, red bean, sugar cane … the traditional baker will transform into hundreds of different artworks. During the cherry blossom season, traditional bakeries will have many seasonal products, and cherry blossom wagashi is an indispensable dessert.

This is also a combination of European and Japanese cuisine. Cherry blossoms combine skillfully with chiffon cake to create a gentle, elegant flavor without causing “bored” for people to enjoy.

Cherry Blossom Macarons
The ingenious combination of European and Japanese culinary culture has given birth to many products and cherry blossom macaron is one of the typical examples. Standing in front of the lovely macarons smelling faintly cherry blossoms, surely you will not be able to hold.

This is a traditional Japanese dish, and is a great way to enjoy the hot rice balls with cherry blossom flavor. Salt from salted cherry blossoms will add a rich flavor to the rice.

The rolled sponge cake has a strong cherry blossom flavor due to the thick layer of cherry blossom mousse inside. The pink color of the core layer is in contrast to the light yellow cream cake, creating an extremely elegant dessert.

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