Be Proactive in the Japanese Workplace

When working in Japan, many foreigners are quite confused because of differences in company culture. So today, let’s learn a little about the difference between highly rated and unappreciated Japanese companies!

Opportunities of proactive people

Japanese people are known all over the world for their hard work and seriousness. However, not everyone is the same in terms of competence. Among them are those who have not worked well but are still appreciated.

Such people are characterized by initiative. In other words, they are not the ones who just wait for instructions but from themselves act to achieve the set goals. It is not about whether the person has the ability to accomplish that goal or that the proactive people are more likely to receive the support of the people around them. As a result, it is often easier for them to accomplish their goals.

 Society appreciates the positive

Over a period of high economic development, Japan has built a solid society. At that time, the economy depended on private enterprises. But the present is different. Along with the process of globalization of society and economy is now an era where human ability is increasingly appreciated. Therefore, in modern society, initiatives, ideas, feats of individuals are always necessary conditions. The equivalent of this is that people who have always been waiting for instructions are needing to quickly change themselves to be more developed and more mature.

For example, in case of not good communication, it is not enough to confirm with the other person or when they do not understand and say “do not understand”. At times like this, ask your opponent to show you. It is an opportunity for you to grow and also an opportunity to be appreciated.

Japanese people do not underestimate human efforts. This is a country that always opens its arms to those who always try. Working in a country that you are unfamiliar with will certainly be insecure, but try to be proactive and positive at work and you will receive support from many others around you.

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