Exhibition projection mapping “Borderless”

In recent years, projection mapping, or 3D mapping, video mapping has grown stronger and become an indispensable part in the performance of large stages.

Even this technology has been upgraded to a separate art, bringing magical experiences and emotions to the viewers.
Considered one of the most representative creations of projection mapping, Teamlab’s “Borderless” exhibition takes place at the Digital Art Museum, Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan in 2018, which attracted great attention from the masses. about a magical, colorful world created by projection mapping.
Called Borderless – Without borders, projection mapping technology has created colorful experiences, viewers seem to be lost in a magical space only in dreams, from one area to another.
The exhibition takes place over 10,000 square meters, using 520 computers and 470 projectors. Teamlab wishes to send the message of creative freedom and the marvelous ability of art and technology.

Source: creativebloq.com

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