03 famous convenience stores in Japan

In Vietnam, there are now many convenience stores that grow like mushrooms and one of them sells standard and reliable products. Because there are so many choices and in the Vietnamese people’s opinion, whichever is the closest place to go, this is a condition that promotes convenience stores to quickly cover the roads. Unlike other countries in Japan, only 3 convenience stores will be introduced in this article.

Why do Japanese people believe in these stores so much? Do they have special attractions? Let’s find out right away.

Japanese convenience stores (called konbini in Japan) provide not only groceries, but also daily necessities and even magazines. It’s really convenient and categorizes goods clearly, and you can find almost anything you might want in these 3 specialty stores. Currently, due to consumer confidence, there are more than 50,000 convenience stores in Japan, or literally they are everywhere, but are only branches of the three biggest brands. Japan, in order to serve people a perfect place for shopping during their trip.

Seven – Eleven

Seven – Eleven is a US chain of international convenience stores based in Irving, Texas, operating, franchising and licensing 64,419 stores in 18 countries in January 2018. called Tote’m The store until it was renamed in 1946. The parent company, Seven – Eleven Japan Co., Ltd., is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

Seven – Eleven Japan is organized by Seven & I Holdings Co. Seven-Eleven is known as Japan’s first convenience store, in March 2016, it boasts the most number of stores in Japan and is favored for the quality of its own brand, Seven. Premium is famous for its wide range of products and high quality, even comparable to specialty stores.

The most special and popular is the grilled cheesecake with smooth texture and rich cream cheese flavor according to each person’s taste. In addition, there is also a hand-made tuna roll with mayonnaise and Chicken Salad. You can distinguish Seven-Eleven products from other stores with the bright Seven-Eleven symbol placed on the product.

If you are looking for hot dishes, Seven-Eleven is famous for fried chicken, its crispy meat flavor will make you more excited, this boneless fried chicken is also a plus point for this type of chicken. Fast food of Seven-Eleven


Lawson is known for its outstanding sweets, and popular for desserts, Uchi Sweet is a famous dessert for its design and excellence in flavor. Now Lawson has their own brand called UchiCafé SWEETS. One of Lawson’s desserts is the Premium Roll Cake. The quality of this creamy sponge cake is so delicious that it is hard to believe that it was made only for convenience store sales.

Family Mart

FamilyMart (フ ァ ミ リ ー マ ー ト Famirīmāto) is a Japanese convenience store franchise chain. FamilyMart is Japan’s second largest convenience store chain, behind 7-Eleven. There are 24,243 stores worldwide in Japan, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

FamilyMart is best known for one of its hot foods, FamiChiki is a very popular type of cake that many people come to FamilyMart just for FamiChiki. The softness, juicyness, and inner flair are all the key elements of this cake. Because the traditional Japanese eat fried chicken at Christmas, FamilyMart’s FamiChiki is a very convenient dish during the holiday season.

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