Basashi – Horse Meat Sashimi in Japan

Japan is a country famous for raw fish dishes such as sushi, sashimi, … But besides there is also raw meat is horse meat made in sashimi style, so the dish is called raw horse meat sashimi (Umatoge). ). This is a unique dish and equally new in human culinary culture. Because even in the ancient period, the cuisine was known to the special taste of horse meat. But people ate horses less after that because they regarded them as animals to help humans in moving, transporting and plow labor.

However, due to the fear of mad cow disease, the consumption of horse meat has more than doubled in the past 10 years (an increase of 240%). Horse meat used and processed varies from country to country, but is generally cooked before use. But in Japan it is completely different, horse meat is processed mainly for eating raw.

Because horse meat is basically sweet and contains higher nutritional content than beef. This type of meat also has low fat, cholesterol content so it is easy to digest and good for health. Not only that, horse meat also has a sweet, very attractive taste. Horse meat is cool, benign, does not smell like beef and is very suitable for people with atopic allergies to beef. Horse meat, fresh, can be compared to beef, even horse meat is more protein and less fat than beef.

Many people in Europe think that horse meat is better than beef. But for Japanese people, horse meat is really delicious not only because of its taste, high nutrient content, low in fat and cholesterol, but also because many Japanese think that horse meat is sweeter than beef. In Japanese cuisine, the most important is the natural flavor, so the natural sweetness of horse meat has made it a popular meat in Japan.

The Japanese consider horse meat dishes as favorite dishes. Like the Germans or the French, the Japanese like the different flavor and texture of horse meat. That’s why there’s no reason why they won’t eat raw horse meat like sashimi. Raw horse meat is very bright and attractive red. In shops in Japan, horse meat is usually divided into three categories: fat, lean and finally neutral between the two. If you’re still unfamiliar with this way of cooking, and you’re unsure of your choice, choose the 3rd option – half lean half fat. Horse meat can be stored for 1 week at room temperature.


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