The World’s Smallest Sushi from Japan

Referring to Japanese cuisine, people will default to the extremely famous sushi. There are countless variations of sushi that will surprise those who love it. And again, another variation that makes you “gasp” with surprise is tiny sushi! Ken 野 弘 礼 (Ikeno Hironori) – A sushi chef in Tokyo has just launched a “tiny” Sushi collection. All kinds of sushi, from salmon, tuna, octopus, eggs, rice rolls … are made delicately, extremely cute and especially tiny, with just one size. … rice grain. Making such tiny sushi “works” is actually an extremely sophisticated art, and chef Ikeno has been involved in this special work for over 13 years.

He shared that this idea came from a “joke” and suggestion of a customer, from which he found interest in the extremely tiny sushi.

Although smaller than the size of many times, but these tiny sushi pieces still ensure the freshness of the ingredients, beautifully decorated and flavored not inferior to the bigger brothers at all. What’s even more interesting is that, with every piece of sushi like that, chef Ikeno takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and prepare. Every day, his sushi restaurant is very crowded, but to please diners, he still spends time making tiny sushi dishes to increase the lively and unique for the restaurant.

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