Japan is the land of the rising sun and the many interesting things

As we all know Japan is known as a beautiful country, with many traditional festive culture. The beautiful cultural identities have helped Japan enter the countries worth visiting in the world. And the name of the rising sun country is most mentioned. So, why do people call Japan the land of the rising sun? Let’s explore with VIETKING TRAVEL!

According to Wikipedia’s encyclopedia, the name “Japan” is written in Chinese characters. The word “Japan” means “the root of the Sun” and thus, is understood as “the land of the rising sun”.

Many people believe that Japan is located in the East of Asia, so it is also the first country to see the sunrise every morning. Their ancestors were the sun goddess Amaterasu (the sun goddess). Japan is also known as “the land of cherry blossoms”, because cherry blossom trees (sakura) grow across Japan from North to South, Japan is also known as “country of chrysanthemum”. Because the 16-petal chrysanthemum, like the sun shining, is a symbol of royalty and the current emblem of Japan. In the 4th century, Japan adopted the country name Yamato. Han people from BC have called Japan a puppet nation (“dwarf water”), a Japanese victim (a “dwarf”).

Japan is also known as Fusang. Funeral is mulberry, edema means floating. The implication here is to refer to an island with many strawberry trees. According to the ancient legend of the East, there was an empty mulberry tree called Phu Tang or Khong Tang, where the sun god rested before riding a train to travel across the sky from the east to the west, so Phu Tang meant literature. only where the Sun rises.
Japan is a land of the rising sun

Some interesting things in the land of the rising sun

  1. The Japanese name for Japan means “Origin of the sun”, or we often call it “Land of the rising sun”.

Japan – The land of the rising sun

  1. Japan is made up of nearly 7,000 islands and is surrounded by the Sea of ​​Japan in the East, and the Pacific Ocean in the West.
  2. As of July 2012 more than 127 million people live in Japan, so this country is considered the 10th largest country in the world.

Japan – The land of the rising sun

  1. Due to its location along the Pacific Ring of Fire, Japan has many volcanoes and frequent earthquakes.
  2. Almost three-quarters of Japan’s land area is forest or mountain so it is difficult to build farms, industrial parks or residential areas.
  3. Japan is a country with the most developed industry in the world and owns many famous companies around the world such as Toyota, Honda, Sony, Canon, Toshiba …
  4. Japan is also considered one of the countries that possess the most martial arts in the world such as Karate, Judo, Sumo, Kendo, Aikido …
  5. Sumo really is the national sport of Japan, although baseball is popular and popular.
  6. Perhaps many people do not know that in Japan there is a famous type of black watermelon named Densuke and the price can be up to 400 USD per fruit. This type of watermelon is grown only on the northern island of Hokkaido. However, only its exterior is black, while the inside is still familiar red. But it has a sweet, delicious food.
  7. Every year, Japan imports about 85% of Jamaica’s coffee production. Coffee cans and cans are popularly sold in hot and cold at vending machines in cities.
  8. Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is considered the largest fish market in Japan, an estimated 2,000 tons of fish are traded at this market every day. Tsukiji Market is also an attractive place for tourists with a variety of items sold here.
  9. Floors in Japan are often raised above the ground, this is meant to remind guests to remove shoes outside and replace with prepared slippers.
  10. Vending machines are located everywhere in Japan, so visitors can easily buy newspapers, drinks and even cigarettes from these vending machines.

Japan is not only known as the land of the rising sun, the land of Funeral, the land of cherry blossoms …. but also many interesting things are welcoming us. Do not hesitate any more, please book suitcase and hit the road with VIETKING TRAVEL to discover this mysterious country.
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