How do Japanese people work remotely in Covid 19 outbreak?


Since the Corona outbreak began to spread on a large scale, many large businesses were forced to close, so it became difficult to make a living. From schools, shopping centers, supermarkets also gradually become “Empty” when no one dares to retreat. But Japan with work enthusiasts continues to do their favorite jobs without leaving home. So you wonder how they do it? Join us to find out how a Japanese person working remotely in covid translation like!

Yukisato, an employee of a Japanese start-up company in Tokyo, said that “Since the beginning of the outbreak, the epidemic had caused schools to keep children at home to ensure the safety. I was unable to go out to work because I had to stay at home to look after the babies and of course the closure was not only a day or two but it lasted for a whole month or two which greatly affected the work of those big”. He said he now has to work from home to earn money and take care of his children when the school is temporarily closed and he is getting used to it.

I feel that working from afar saves me a lot of time, typically, it takes me 2 hours a day to move to the workplace, now I can take that time to take care of me. family. An order to work from home has also been granted by the Japanese government when declaring an emergency that will occur in seven major areas of Japan. So businesses in the country of cherry blossoms have gradually adapted to the situation of working remotely at home, including two large enterprises, Sony and Panasonic, that have asked 20,000 of their employees to work remotely at home. if possible from today.

However, there are still a number of businesses that are still open to provide financial support to the workers even if they can bring their children to their workplace if they do not like it or do not have sufficient material conditions when work at home. But these methods are not what the Japanese government wants because traveling and bringing along such small children does not help reduce disease outbreaks and is even more worrying as the outbreak continues. Stay home when you can to ensure your health as well as the community.

In Japan, bosses tend to observe whether their employees are working effectively and hard for a day or not, so working remotely from home is always the biggest barrier when they are unable to continue. observing employees again makes them feel insecure and does not know if they complete the assigned job.

That’s why the Japanese government is recommending that businesses start getting their employees working from home as much as possible and Japan’s Ministry of Labor is offering some 77,000 support. USD for small and medium businesses to help these companies have capital for employees to start working remotely

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