Top classic Japanese Manga, but still has no final episode yet

Japanese comics are good and very developed, which is considered a typical cultural feature of the country. There are popular manga, sticking with the childhood of many generations of Vietnamese readers but still not over. Let’s join the roll!
good japanese comics

One Piece | Eiichiro Oda | 87 episodes

One Piece is one of the most popular series in the “power quartet” of Shueisha Publisher (including Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach and One Piece) in the world. The One Piece series was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on July 19, 1997

After more than 20 years of release with 87 episodes, One Piece still has no end for me. Luffy still sails to the sea with the dream of becoming a Pirate King, the Straw Hat crew comes into life to go to the Grand Line, then New World to fight the most dangerous faces and the greatest treasure One Piece is. has not been disclosed

The author of One Piece has been shocked to share that One Piece has only been halfway through the journey of the past 20 years. However, with the content so attractive, the pirate world in Eiichiro Oda’s life was so massive that the audience was not impatient and was the most anticipated Japanese manga comic series.

One Piece is now recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as the single-manga series with the highest number of prints in the world.

Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan) | Gosho Aoyama | 94 episodes

Conan is one of the most popular comics in Vietnam after Doraemon series in Vietnam. Detective Conan is a Japanese manga (manga) of the detective type of author Aoyama Gosho

First released in 1994 with 1007 story chapters, hundreds of cases were broken, and many characters appeared, but Conan was still a kid in grade 1, Conan’s biggest enemy. face has not yet appeared, the author Gosho Aoyama took a break to convalesce.
After 23 years of release, the series attached to the childhood of many Vietnamese readers, many have fathered and mothers but Conan still has not found the leader of the organization that has made me shrink so many people still expect the series. quickly ended before they could no longer read it to find out how Conan conquered the black shirts, whether Shinichi and Ran confessed to each other or if Mori and his wife would return to the same house? certainly that.

Queen of Egypt (Ouke no Monsho) | Chieko Hoshokawa & Fumin | 62 episodes

The Queen of Egypt is a manga series by Chieko Hosokawa that was first released in 1976 and is considered the third best-selling shōjo comic book ever. In the 90s, the Egyptian queen was extremely popular in Vietnam, becoming the first children’s pillow book. Perhaps the series has been released for quite some time so many people have forgotten or thought this series has ended but actually it has not ended.
The Queen of Egypt is now 41 years old, the author Chieko Hoshokawa (born 1935) and her daughter Fumin have persisted in bringing Carol around the world in Ancient times.
62 episodes have passed, so many generations of readers are still watching the journey of playing Carol’s “messenger of peace”, jealous because she has Menfuisu talented, “cool”. But there are also a lot of people tired of waiting, making self-ending for themselves, for Prince Igiumi and Memphis to come together for a lifetime of happiness.
Due to the issue of health and creativity of the two authors that the Queen of Egypt released more and more slowly, many readers were hoping that while they could still compose, the two authors gave Carol a stop, at the side Memphis is fine, returning to the present with Ryan is okay, a happy ending.
The series has not been currently licensed in Vietnam, the previous version stopped after Vietnam joined the Berne Convention in 2004.

Glass mask (Glass no Kamen) | Suzue Miuchi | 49 episodes

Glass mask is a mangaka manga series Miuchi Suzue’s debut in 1976 became the second best-selling manga for girls in the world. Glass masks were first published in Vietnam with the name of Hardworking Girl, then released with the original name of Glass Mask.

Glass no Kamen is a story about the journey to the professional, emotional drama world of Mayan noodle girl, the series is the inspiration, making many readers known about the famous theatrical productions of Japan and the world, and love this art.
After 41 years of debut, many drama lovers want to know whether Maya or Ayumi is the main character for the work of the Pink Goddess by Ms. Tsukikage, or the silent love that “Mr. Purple Rose” Hayami spent Where will Maya go?
Nearly 5 years have passed since episode 49, with the reason that is not satisfied with the author Miuchi Suzue continuously delayed the release of episode 50, the series has now been labeled “indefinitely postponed”, for readers to read Episode 50 is satisfied but did not dare to expect to end.


Dokaben is a popular Japanese baseball manga series by Shinji Mizushima. This is the 2nd most popular series after Takehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk in the sports manga genre,

Dokaben first debuted in 1972 about Taro Yamada and his teammates in the high school baseball team, and still continues to write with the latest section called Dokaben Dream Tournament.

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