Easy Hamburger steak (Hambagu) recipe that every Japanese loves

Japanese-style hamburger meatballs (Japanese is ハ ン バ ー グ: hanbaagu) is a favorite food for both adults and children in Japan. Steak (ス ス ー キ) steak restaurants always have this hamburger meatballs menu. And most Japanese rice stalls also offer hamburger pies (ハ ン バ ー グ 定 食: hambaagu teishoku). This is a delicious, nutritious and also quite easy to make at home. Here is the basic recipe of hamburger style I learned, share it with you.


a. Meatball :

250g of minced meat mixed with beef and pork.
If you don’t like this type of minced meat, you can choose either pork (豚 ミ ン チ) or beef only (牛 ミ ン チ), but beef only can be a bit dry.
Half onion, minced
15g breadcrumbs (or breadcrumbs) (パ ン 粉)
2 tablespoons of unsweetened milk
1 egg
1 pinch of salt, pepper
Shredded cheese or piece cheese (optional).
Cooking oil or olive oil

b. Sauce :

Garlic (1 branch)
Butter (1 small piece)
Chopped onion
Shouyu soy sauce (1.5 tbsp)
Mirin (1 tbsp)

c. Side dishes:
Potatoes, carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, sweet corn (depending on preference)


Making meatballs:

Take a large bowl, add bread crumbs, fresh milk, finely chopped onions and mix well (can be fried onions first)

Then mix the meat, eggs, salt, pepper and cheese into the mix. If you don’t use shredded cheese, you can use a piece of cheeses that will make you fat and melt. Cheese pieces are not yet added to this step but to the last.

Mix the meat until the ingredients are well blended, lightly whisking into the bowl several times to release some of the air in the meat mixture.

Rub a little oil in your hands, squeeze the meat into an oval shape. If using a piece of cheese, hold the piece of cheese in the middle of the piece and shape it, hiding the cheese inside.

Pan the pan on the stove, add the oil and wait for the oil to heat up, then drop the meatballs into the fry. Turn down the heat, cover, and cook. After the underside of the meat is cooked, turn the meat over again.

When the meat is almost browned on both sides, add a little water and simmer. Poke into the piece of meat if the juice is clear and clear. Put the meat on a plate and proceed to make sauce.

b. Making sauce:

Add the butter to the pan to melt, non-fragrant onion and garlic, add a little water, shouyu, mirin boil until slightly thickened. Tasting spices to taste. Drizzle the sauce on the surface of the freshly fried meat.

In addition to the traditional sauce above, you can prepare any sauce according to your taste. Can use tomato sauce (a mixture of ketchup with onions, garlic and shouyu). Sometimes I make a non-aromatic garlic onion sauce, add chopped apples, then add shouyu soy sauce and Korean Gochujang sauce.

c. Side dish:

Fry potatoes, sweet corn, boiled broccoli and carrots with a pinch of salt to serve with meatballs after frying. If you like you can also make omelets and bacon-like bacon for attractive.

Satisfied hamburger meat is when cut out with water flowing from the meat, soft and fragrant meat. Can be served with hot rice or bread. I wish you success with this fascinating dish.

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