Some festivals and activities in Japan in the summer

Summer of Japan is the time to take place the most festivals of the year. Although this season the temperature is rising; there are places up to 40 degrees Celsius but festivals still take place on a large scale; Festival atmosphere never calms down. Let’s find out some typical festivals:


Fireworks, in Japanese as Hanabi, are popular activities in Japan in the summer. Firework displays spread throughout the country during this period. Japanese towns, villages or regions will host different fireworks festivals and this is an opportunity for you to wear traditional costumes like kimono or yukata, see fireworks and take great photos. great. Besides, during these festivals, small food stalls always attract customers. The feeling of enjoying good food combined with watching the fireworks display will surely be an unforgettable experience in your life. Wherever you are in Japan during July or August, you can find a fireworks spot to enjoy. In some places, people even fire fireworks every night for several weeks!

Obon and Bon Odori

Obon is an annual Buddhist festival held over three days to commemorate the deceased. Bon Odori takes place at three separate intervals in different regions. That means you will have more opportunities to observe the beauty from this ancient custom. At the traditional Obon dance festival (Bon Odori), the performances will be reduced to replace the ceremony to commemorate grandparents and ancestors. Instead, other dance repertoire not on this occasion will be held in many places throughout Japan. Not only that, this is also an opportunity for you to enjoy a variety of delicious foods typical of the festival. And the thing that cannot be missed is the lantern release ceremony. Lanterns will be hung in front of each house to remember grandparents and ancestors, then, on the last day of the festival, people will drop them into the river to bring souls to their world.Local festivals

Local festival

Many other famous festivals are also held in Japan during the summer, and each region has a festival at the end of the season, coinciding with the time of rice harvest. In Japan, people often call such festivals “Matsuri” and they are sponsored by churches or temples. Matsuri’s specialty is the bustling stalls with traditional games such as sumo or dance. Tanabana is a widely held festival in Japan. This is a festival where participants write their wishes on a piece of paper and hang on a bamboo hook.

Climbing Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is considered as a symbol of Japan. With symmetrical peaks and colors that change with the seasons, seeing Mount Fuji is always a must for travelers visiting Japan. It is also said that anyone who comes to Japan, the experience of climbing this famous mountain must always be done at least once in a lifetime, and summer is the best time to do this. The official climbing season in Mount Fuji begins July 1 and ends in August. This is the time when the weather and temperature are most suitable for climbing. Although you can track the weather forecast before climbing, many unforeseen phenomena such as strong winds or temperatures down to 0 degrees Celsius still occur. In short, if you come to Japan in the summer, don’t miss the chance to climb to the top of one of the most famous mountains in the world.

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