Brimming with fragile and lovely beauty, Shibazakura flower is Japanese name Shibazakura flower symbolizing “sweet dream” and “harmony”. At the end of spring, if you have the opportunity to stop in Japan, you will see colorful Shibazakura carpets spread across the hillside. And when it comes to Shibazakura flowers, Japanese people often tell each other about the true fairytale about moving “Old man planted flowers for blind wife”.

Shibazakura flower symbolizes “sweet dream” and “harmony”

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki were married in 1956, they always wished that they would be able to travel all over Japan, but life was so difficult that they could not fulfill that wish. The raising of two children and taking care of the cow farm makes them almost unable to rest.

After 30 years of marriage, it was unfortunate that Mrs. Kuroki became diabetic and later became blind. She was deeply miserable and always sought to isolate herself from her surroundings.

 Mr. Kuroki has found every way to regain the spirit and happiness for his wife and decided to plant the Shibazakura flower farm, a famous Japanese flower that grows close to the ground and has many vibrant colors such as red, pink, purple, or white. He wants to turn his farm into a colossal colorful flower paradise. He spent two years clearing the trees, looking for Shibazakura flower , creating a purple garden surrounding his beloved home.

This flower not only impresses the eyes but also gives a captivating scent and is a gift he wants to give to his beloved wife. And then the smile returned to Kuroki’s lips, even though she couldn’t travel, the gift Mr. Kuroki gave her was a hundred thousand times more valuable.

He spent two years clearing the trees, looking for Shibazakura flower, creating a purple garden surrounding his beloved home

After more than a decade now, Mr. Kuroki’s farm still attracts more than 7,000 visitors each year.

They not only admire the giant colorful carpet as a famous tourist destination in Japan but also hear Mr. Kuroki directly tell his love story.

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