August is the famous Obon Festival in Japan, takes place from August 13 to 15 every year. Tourists coming to Japan in August will be immersed in the festive atmosphere as well as have unforgettable experiences in Japan.

The Obon festival originates from a Buddhist tradition – an occasion to pray for the souls of ancestors. In these days, Japanese people, even though they are far away, gather to visit grandparents, parents, and visit the graves of relatives.

This festival has been in Japan for over 500 years and is associated with a traditional dance called Bon-Odori. In Vietnam, we also have a similar festival called Vu Lan. This is a festival of the whole Japan and always bears the sacred and mysterious colors.

To welcome the souls of their ancestors, people placed on the doorstep of a horse made of vegetables, and lit a small bonfire called mukaebi.

In addition, there are places where people also organize fireworks. On the 16th, when the Obon festival ends, people replace mukaebi with okuribi to see off the spirits of the ancestors. There are also places to see off by dropping the lanterns into the yard.

During the Obon festival, companies and enterprises are allowed to take leave. The employees enlisted to visit their families or travel here and there.

In addition to the jubilant festival atmosphere in August, visitors to Japan will feel the very own beauty from nature with countless beautiful flowers.

In the summer of August, the world-famous Sagano natural bamboo forest comes to culture through stories, daily life, and people here when visiting and experiencing famous cities like TOKYO – NAGOYA – KYOTO – KOBE – OSAKA of the land of the rising sun.

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