Onsen bath – characteristic of Japan

tắm suối onsen

Onsen hot spring – A feature in the land of mourning is the Onsen. In the past, Japanese people had a tradition of hot spring baths. Bathing in hot springs is not only good for your health, but also a secret to help Japanese women stay young for a long time.

tắm onsen ở nhật
tắm suối nước nóng ở nhật
khỉ tuyết tắm suối nóng
nơi tắm suối nóng

Nowadays, scientists have shown that hot spring baths help cure a number of diseases and help people stay young longer, reducing cell aging. The tradition of Onsen bath in Japan has a long history. Different from other forms of bathing. Onsen bath is a hot spring bath but an outdoor bath, not an indoor bath. Thanks to the volcanic terrain, there are many hot springs throughout Japan. It is this that makes this tradition in Japan widely developed and popular. When coming to Japan, experiencing the Onsen bath will make the tourists must remember forever. Not only that, Onsen bath is one of the secrets of Japanese long life.

tắm onsen

The tradition of taking Onsen baths in Japan is to take a hot spring bath outdoors, before bathing people to bathe to clean the body then will be given a small towel to cover the necessary places and when bathing will be naked. Both men and women in Japan are very fond of Onsen baths and they are not afraid of being naked when sharing baths, of course, baths have separate areas for men and women. For children, if not too big will be allowed to bathe in the women’s area.

Today Onsen bath is always an option for families and young couples when traveling. Many inns offer on-site outdoor and indoor Onsen baths. If you have the opportunity to travel in the land of the rising sun, you should try a Onsen bath to feel the difference.

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