Japanese cuisine: Japanese paper hotpot

lẩu giấy

 Listening to the two words “paper hotpot”, everyone probably thinks that hotpot is why paper is put in or why it is called paper hotpot. The reality is not so. The paper hotpot is a hotpot dish but does not use the pot but …… paper. This is the unique point of this dish, the paper will be lined into a metal support frame and the food and broth will be put inside. The way of eating this dish is like eating a normal hotpot and you can freely choose vegetables or meat to dip like eating a normal hotpot.

lẩu giấy nhật bản

Looking at this hotpot, you probably also see, the unique thing is the paper to replace the other hotpot, this is a special paper made thicker than ordinary paper, besides the paper’s material is not easy. Burning at normal temperature should be used to make “pot” without fear of fire. The highlight of the paper is that the two sides of the paper are coated with a flame retardant layer that keeps the paper from overheating. The temperature is only about 160 degrees or less and the paper is completely resistant to this heat.

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Using paper to make pots also has other characteristics, that is the absorbency of the paper, this feature makes the alkaline substances in the broth, chemicals or other impurities trapped in the paper to make more delicious

lẩu giấy độc đáo

Paper hotpot is usually displayed vegetables first, when starting to eat will turn on the stove and add hot pot. The vegetables are often used to decorate such as vegetables, cabbage, mushrooms, straw mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, corn, carrots, cauliflower … When you look at it, you will find it very beautiful, when eaten, there will be add sliced ​​meats like beef, sausages, shrimp, squid …

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