AKB48 – the most famous group in Japan

team a akb48
team b akb48

What is AKB48 .. ????

AKB48 is a group model that many countries around the world are learning to follow. Spontaneous group formation will be difficult to maintain, if the group members have internal friction within the group will most likely disband. Therefore, having a company to form a group will create more stability. The benefit of this is stability, the group members are hired to sing. They will get the best training but if not properly they will be fired as an employee and replaced by another “employee”.

AKB48 is group like that. In 2005, with just a voice ad promoting nearly 8,000 people participated. In the end, 24 people were chosen to form the group, but when there were only 20 people performing officially. This is Team A, the first team of AKB48. After the success of AKB48 in early 2006, the company continued to recruit more members for AKB48 and more than 11,000 people have signed up to join. Team K was later formed with 18 members and the youngest member is only 10 years old. Up to now, AKB48 is the group with the largest member in the world with 82 members divided into 5 teams: Team A, Team K, Team B, Team 4, Team 8. Each team name is taken as the letters of AKB48.

Have you ever heard AKB48 sing ????

If you are in Vietnam and love KPOP music, you’ve probably heard the name AKB48. This is the girl group with the most members in the world. The group ranks in the top 5 of the “biggest” revenue groups in the world. The group holds the record for the number of singles sold in Japan and Asia ….

There are many other things about AKB48 that are typically the “idol can meet” criteria. AKB48 has its own theater so teams can perform on a weekly basis. Therefore, it is not difficult to meet these idols. AKB48 with a youthful style of performance and casual wear is a school uniform so it looks very “cute”. Right from the first time performing the group has attracted a lot of KPOP fans and later became an idol in the eyes of many people, especially for Otaku.

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