How do Japanese people relieve stress?

người nhật xả stress như thế nào
Người nhật xả stress bằng cách nuôi mèo

Keeping an animal in your home not only makes you less stressed, it also makes you more excited in your free time. Ferray had an idea for raising 9 cats in an employee’s office. The company also pays anyone to adopt a cat for $ 43 per month. After a while, the office workers do not feel annoyed with the cats, but the efficiency is even better. If you do not want to keep a cat, you can visit the cat island in Japan to visit.

Japanese people relieve stress by wearing …. dress

Người nhật xả stress bằng cách khóc

If it’s a girl in a skirt, there’s nothing to say, but what about a man in a skirt? In Japan, as in many other countries, there are homosexuals, there are those who openly show gender and there are also those who are not open. However, the way for them to release stress is to be able to live with themselves so a special club is born. This club consists of men but they dress like women, when they do not live club activities they return to normal life as elegant gentlemen.

Japanese people relieve stress by … crying

Người nhật xả stress bằng cách khóc

Crying is a human reaction caused by external factors. According to science, crying makes people reduce stress, and stress when having trouble and it is also good for health. In Japan, a special service for women is crying room. The rent for such a room is about 2 million VND / day, in the room there are screenings of emotional movies, super soft paper towels, face masks, makeup remover, absorbent pads … Women can cry freely all day without worrying about anything.

Japanese people release stress by love hotels

Người nhật xả stress bằng cách vào các khách sạn tình nhân

Love hotels are equivalent to motels in Vietnam. Maybe you have partly understood how to relieve stress, right? This is a place for couples to have a private place to express their feelings, but when you come to Japan you will find it different from Vietnam because the service is very diverse and rich. For example, the room is designed in the style of a doll house, the heart-shaped bed, the walls are painted in many different styles and the room has full amenities such as air conditioner, heater, television, fridge and karaoke. again. The highlight is the fully soundproofed room 😀

Japanese people relieve stress by watching moss

Người nhật xả stress bằng cách

This type was originally an eco-tourism type. Those who follow this tour will have an entry in the program is watching moss. Each tourist will be equipped with a magnifying glass and discover moss populations along the river, later moss viewing has become a trend and is considered by the Japanese as a type of stress relief. Dozens of people organize picnics as a fun way to relieve stress.

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