Maid cafe – once come to remember forever

Maid cafe – what is maid cafe?

Maid cafe - đến một lần sẽ nhớ mãi

Maid cafe is also known as Japanese maid coffee is イ ド 喫茶 or メ イ ド カ フ ェ is a model of a cosplay restaurant originating in Japan. In these cafes, waiters dressed as maids and serving customers like servants serving the homeowner rather than the usual restaurant service. The maid maid cafe was first established in Akihabara, Tokyo under the name Cure Maid Cafe in 2001. Initially the maid cafe was aimed at Otaku customers but later expanded to all types of subjects from male to female.

Until now, Maid cafe in Japan has become very popular and you sometimes see the maids standing by the roadside distributing flyers to the shop or going to a group to maketing for restaurants. The maid cafe model is not only popular in Japan but also spread to many other countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Netherlands, USA, Australia … even Vietnam has appeared maid cafe.

When coming to Japan, if you want to visit Maid cafe, you should remember some of the following:

Maid cafe - đến một lần sẽ nhớ mãi

Don’t take photos of cafes, but you can take photos of food.

No pictures of the maids. You usually pay around 500 yen for a photo taken with them. The “No photo” rule also applies to maids distributing leaflets on the street. Some shops seem to have relaxed this rule, but it’s best to ask first.

Do not touch the maids. Although many shops are busy with the cuteness of maids, you cannot flirt or choose maids.

Maid cafe - đến một lần sẽ nhớ mãi

Do not ask for the contact information or any personal information of the maids (they only play a role and bring a fictional story only) and “stalk” the maids.

You can only sit at the bar for a maximum of 1 hour, if sitting next you will lose extra money to book a place but some shops you can sit comfortably without having to pay a reservation.

True to what you expect, these style cafes are really maid cafe with super kute girls with high-pitched voices, kneel down to write orders for you and make you clap your hands in a cute “moe, moe, kyun ~” or mantra-like sentences in the anime, even if it doesn’t make sense. All of these things will definitely make you feel better when enjoying the food or drinks at the restaurant.

Coffee with “male” servants

maid cafe tại osaka

Otoko no Musume Cafe and Bar Newtype: 3 / F Isamiya 8th Building, Soto-Kanda 3-7-12, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Traditional + modern maid cafe:

Mononopu Coffee Maid is a cafe with a very special style, traditional and modern. With the Warring States style in Akihabara, you’ll be the Edo period nobles and the maids will wear an innovative short kimono with frills (like a maid outfit) and armor. This is a cafe with a bar, so the menu is full of drinks and especially delicious pasta. Mononopu shop is located at: 5 / F (B Floor) Isu Building, Soto-kanda 4-6-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

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