Vending machine – Japanese culture characteristic

If you gave you the option of buying a can of water at a grocery store and buying it from a vending machine, which one would you choose. If it was me, I would definitely choose to buy at a vending machine because the price is the same, but I don’t have to go to find out where I want to buy, moreover, vending machines in Japan also make a try. Buy is convenient not to go far. To explain more clearly about the number of vending machines in Japan, imagine that 25 Japanese people will have one vending machine. The number of vending machines in Japan has exceeded 5 million and Japan is the country with the most number of vending machines in the world. Have you ever asked why there are so many vending machines in Japan, there are some very good reasons.

máy bán hàng tự động tại nhật

Vending machines in Japan sell a lot of things

The first reason: large family, narrow house

If you look at the current population distribution in Japan, you can see that quite similar to that in Vietnam, the population is overcrowded in big cities while the countryside is deserted. Because of such concentration, the land is crowded with people and of course, the rental price of the space in the city is also very expensive. Instead of renting an expensive store, but having to repair and advertise, it is better to take advantage of the small corners of the street where the vending machine is located. That is both cost-saving and extremely convenient and does not have to advertise much.

Máy bán hàng tự động - đặc trưng văn hóa Nhật Bản

Vending machines do not need advertising and do not take up a large area

Reason number two: lack of labor

One of the reasons why many businesses in Japan have a headache is lack of labor. Just in the past few years, Japan has become an extremely attractive labor market. So even if it opens stores, it is difficult to find sellers and pay salaries to sellers. So why not simplify selling by automatic machines, not having to hire employees nor pay them salary and still sell goods. This is too convenient!

Máy bán hàng tự động - đặc trưng văn hóa Nhật Bản

Vending machines on Mount Fuji

Reason 3: The strength of automation

This reason can also be considered as a quite plausible reason, the Japanese are always the leaders in robotics technology, now Japan is stepping up to the 2020 goal that robots will take on 25. % of current employees. Some stores in Japan used robots instead of waitresses, many families bought robots for housework … all came from Japan’s passion for automation and of course they created machines. vending to replace good people with much more economy.

For this reason, it is impossible not to mention a quite specific problem in Japan that Japanese people are very aware of. A lot of vending machines sprung up, but almost never had any information about whether these vending machines were even smashed or stolen. With that security of course, placing a vending machine is a great fit, isn’t it?

Máy bán hàng tự động - đặc trưng văn hóa Nhật Bản

The vending machine even sells live lobsters

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