Admire the super Kute Japanese dolls

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 You all know Japan is a country with many outstanding unique features, including beautiful scenery, modern country, traditional costumes, manga & anime, volcano … Today we will together Each other goes to an equally unique industry, which is the doll making industry.

Traditional dolls in Japan

In an earlier article about the Hina Matsuri doll festival, we learned about traditional Japanese dolls, which are preserved and preserved by Japanese families over the years. When you first see this doll, you will definitely exclaim for the sophistication of the dolls. Not only the god, but the doll outfit is also extremely similar to the real one.

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In addition to these often displayed dolls there are also wooden dolls for children to play with, sometimes made of porcelain and painted in lovely colors.

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Modern doll

Today, families still keep the tradition of Hina Matsuri, but the traditional dolls are less and less, often used only for display or souvenirs. The types of dolls commonly sold today are elaborate dolls that are made very beautifully and look like real people. Not only the shape but also the outfit for the doll is also beautifully made like the traditional kimono or otaku-style outfits.

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Sex dolls in Japan

Japan is a country famous for sex dolls, although there are many sex doll factories in China, but Japan has always been at the forefront in this field. The dolls are meticulously crafted to every detail, from eyes, nose to skin, which are extremely realistic. This is also an industry not affected by the economic downturn in Japan.

Let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of dolls in Japan:

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 Traditional dolls in Japan

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Sex doll

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