The world’s tallest TV tower Sky Tree in Japan

– Sky Tree Tower is the new symbol of Tokyo. Skytree is a very famous tower in Japan. Today we will go to Sky Tree tower and learn the basics of this tallest TV tower in the world.

tháp truyền hình sky tree

Skytree TV tower

Sky Tree TV Tower (Skytree) was started construction in 2010, after completing the 634m high tower and was officially recognized as the tallest television tower in the world. Once completed, the Sky Tree TV tower replaced the Tokyo TV tower as a new icon for the city. We will take a look at some key features of Sky Tree Tower.

Cause of building Skytree TV tower

Japan is a country with a very developed economy, so in 2003, the Japanese government decided to convert analog receivers to digital. In order to meet the guaranteed reception and broadcasting of digital broadcasters, 6 TV stations have cooperated to build a new television station to meet the demand for television broadcast and reception. It is expected that the construction of a TV tower will cost 40 billion yen, and if other projects are completed, the total cost is up to 65 billion yen.

Tháp truyền hình cao nhất thế giới Sky Tree ở Nhật Bản

Photo taken from the tower of Skytree looking down

Architecture and design of Skytree

Sky Tree TV Tower is a tower built on the basis of the Shinto temples while bringing in a very modern style. The design of Sky Tree has been sent in secret, the owner and the design have only released some basic information to make everyone feel secure about this project. This work is based on the design of some ancient shrines in Japan, in the middle of the TV tower is a pillar that supports the entire tower. The tower is cylindrical and the foundation of the tower is dug into the ground nearly 100m. Not only that, steel for the tower’s foundation is also a special steel to withstand earthquakes.

Skytree tower at night

The tower was built with the criteria to withstand 10 magnitude earthquakes. Previously a magnitude 6 earthquake made many Japanese confused, but the Sky Tree tower was still not affected. So when there is an earthquake, the Sky Tree can also be considered one of the safe areas.

All lighting systems of the tower are purchased from Panasonic Company, the color of the lights will be changed according to the four seasons.

Tháp truyền hình cao nhất thế giới Sky Tree ở Nhật Bản

Travel at Sky Tree TV tower

Sky Tree Tower in addition to the tower itself, around the tower are full of restaurants serving food and drinks for other real people to visit Sky Tree. The entrance fee for Sky Tree is 2,500 yen and if you want to get to the top floor of the Sky Tree you have to spend an extra 1500 yen. Inside the tower, there will be a full range of restaurants and shopping areas. The most prominent feature here is the aquarium or “aquarium”, the water in the tank is completely artificial seawater filtered 24/24 to ensure the cleanliness of the water.

With the above information, you can imagine a skyscraper – a symbol of Tokyo. Not only that, this is also a destination that attracts millions of visitors each year and is one of the tourist destinations not to be missed if you are traveling in Tokyo.

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