The ‘see-through’ toilet in Tokyo park

Transparent toilets were installed in Tokyo park so that potential customers can check their cleanliness from the outside.

The “see-through” toilet created jointly by Pritzker design award-winning architect Shigeru Ban and more than 10 other top designers, is made from “smart glass” that turns opaque. when someone uses it.

These public toilets were installed at five locations in Shibuya Street as part of the Tokyo Toilets Project funded by the Nippon Foundation nonprofit.

Nhà vệ sinh được lắp đặt trong công viên ở Shibuya, Tokyo. Ảnh: Shutter Stock.

Toilets are installed in a park in Shibuya, Tokyo. Photo: Shutter Stock.

In addition to the strange factor, the Nippon Foundation says there are many other practical, practical factors behind these incredible toilets, which are “like a curious playground device”.

“There are two concerns with public toilets, especially park toilets,” the organization said. “The first thing is clean inside, the second is making sure no one is snooping on the inside.”

With the new technology, the transparent glass wall outside the toilet will dim itself when the door is locked from the inside, allowing potential customers to examine the interior of the interior before spending a purchase.

“In the evening they will light up like a beautiful lantern,” says the Nippon Foundation.

Một nhân viên của Nippon ngồi làm mẫu trong nhà vệ sinh. Ảnh: Shutter Stock

A Nippon employee sits as a model in the toilet. Photo: Shutter Stock

Japan’s high-tech toilets have long been a hot spot for people from all over the world to visit this country. Toto, the maker of washbasins, is marketing a line of wash-and-dry toilets, as well as seat warmers and collapsible lids, in the Chinese market and many other countries.

The Nippon Foundation noted that although Japanese toilets have a reputation for being clean, many people still misunderstand that public toilets are always “dark, dirty, smelly and scary”. The project will install toilets at 17 more locations in Shibuya next spring.

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