Service lay in a coffin to relieve Covid-19 stress

The Kowagarasetai Company wants to help people stop worrying about Covid-19 by placing them in a coffin surrounded by saw-carrying zombies.

This weekend, customers in Tokyo can lie in a coffin with windows 2 meters long, listen to a horror story, watch the actors perform, while fake hands tease them and the rays water sprayed out.

“The pandemic is very intense so we hope everyone can relax a little by screaming,” explained Kenta Iwana, coordinator of production company Kowagarasetai, or Terror Squad, explained about the show. lasts 15 minutes.

Một khách hàng nằm trong quan tài giả tham gia show kinh dị của công ty Kowagarasetai ở Tokyo hôm 22/8. Ảnh: Reuters.

A customer lying in a coffin participates in the company’s horror show Kowagarasetai in Tokyo on August 22. Photo: Reuters.

As Japan is seeing Covid-19 rise again, with 1,034 new cases of nCoV on August 21, Iwana, 25, struggled to find jobs for his actors, who often perform. in locations such as theme parks.

Last month, Kowagarasetai opened a “haunted ride” service and customers are now looking for alternatives to take a breather.

“Many events have been canceled because of Covid-19 and I am looking for ways to eliminate stress,” said Kazushiro Hashiguchi, 36, after experiencing a service that cost 800 yen ($ 7.6). “Now I feel relaxed.”

Một diễn viên đóng giả ma doạ khách hàng nằm trong quan tài ở show kinh dị của công ty Kowagarasetai ở Tokyo hôm 5/8. Ảnh: Reuters.

An actor impersonating a ghost threatens customers lying in a coffin at the Kowagarasetai company’s horror show in Tokyo on August 5. Photo: Reuters.

The show is held in a guest room often used by passengers arriving in the capital on night buses. Among the customers who come here are shopping mall owners and operators of entertainment venues that Iwana hopes will become his venue for mobile shows.

“We need something that can be carried anywhere and coffins are easy to move. All you need is to put them in a dark room,” he said. “It is a business idea that benefits us and satisfies our customers.”

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