The earliest place to welcome autumn in Japan

Located near the north pole, Hokkaido has a cool climate and is also the place to welcome the earliest autumn in the “land of the rising sun”.


Autumn in Japan usually starts from mid-October to December. However, Hokkaido in the north welcomes the deciduous season from September. In the autumn scenery, Date Jidaimura Park with 20 ancient buildings is beautiful. like a picture. Recreating Edo-era Japan with samurai and ninja culture, this is a suitable destination for tourists who are passionate about history and archeology. Photo: PixHound.

Here, visitors should not miss the show Ninja and Oiran, one of the famous art shows of Japan. Visitors can also walk around the Edo-modeled village and explore modern civilization. There is also a rental of samurai or ninja costumes during the tour. Photo: maxthanakorn.

In the city of Noboribetsu, there is a famous place called Jigokudani, also known as the valley of hell. Here, visitors can walk along the roads, cross the red-leaf forest and watch the natural hot water streams. Photo: Panida Smith.

The Valley of Hell sits above the Noboribetsu Osen hot spring spot. There are wooden promenades here to keep visitors safe. Around the path, clouds of steam rose up creating a blurry scene. Photo: Blanscape.

Not far from Noboribetsu, Lake Toya is an ideal place for those who love natural landscapes. The lake is located inside Shikotsu-Toya National Park, surrounded by active mountain Usu. Usu’s most recent eruption was in 2000. Toya is also famous for many traditional Japanese hot springs. Photo: Sean Pavone.

In addition, Otaru city is also a favorite place for many Japanese people. With its location near the harbor, seafood is Otaru’s staple. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the best seafood sushi or sashimi in Hokkaido.

One of the stops that you should visit when visiting this city is the Otaru Canal. This structure was built in 1923 and is surrounded by a promenade along the riverbank. When night falls, the light from the European lamp shops makes this place even more romantic and cozy. Photo: Club4traveler.

Otaru is also the cradle of the famous music box manufacturing industry in Japan. The best place to learn more about production activities is the Otaru Music Box Museum. Here, visitors can admire the music boxes produced decades ago. Photo: Nor Gal.

The journey to discover Hokkaido is indispensable in Shiroi Koibito Park, located in the “sweet candy city” Sapporo. It attracts young visitors by castles, horse carriages, tree houses and small buses. When visiting Shiroi Koibito, visitors should try the famous white chocolate sandwich.

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