Activities to try out at the famous Japanese suspension bridge

In addition to sightseeing, visitors can experience the thrilling bungee jumping game and watch the carp chess festival at Ryujin Bridge.

Ryujin opened in 1994 at Okukuji Nature Park, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan with a length of 375m, becoming one of the largest suspension bridges in Japan. The bridge can handle 3,500 pedestrians. This place often takes place many interesting activities.

Bungee jump

Ryujin Bridge is one of the tallest bungee jumping spots in Japan with a height of 100m, below is a view of the cliff forest. This extreme sport attracts thousands of visitors to experience here every year.

Du khách phải ký cam kết không có tiền sử bệnh tim mạch trước khi tham gia trò chơi. Ảnh: Ibaraki Guide.

Visitors must sign a no history of cardiovascular disease pledge prior to joining the game. Photo: Ibaraki Guide.

In order to jump bungee, visitors must register early online. The price for the first jump is 16,000 yen (equivalent to 3.4 million dong) and 7,000 yen for the second time. To join the game you must be 15 years old and have a body weight of 40 to 105 kg. Players under 20 years of age need to have a signed guardian of health. If you don’t participate in bungee jumping, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Ryujin River from the bridge.

Koinobori carp festival

Koinobori carp festival takes place from late April to mid-May every year. The event is held with the meaning of praying for good luck and health. At this time, thousands of carp flags made of paper of all colors will be hung at Ryujin Bridge. While participating in the festival, visitors can enjoy traditional Japanese dishes such as mochi cakes and carp-shaped cakes.

Hàng nghìn cá chép giấy được treo ở cây cầu. Ảnh: Living In Japan.

Thousands of paper carp are hung from the bridge. Photo: Living In Japan.

After visiting the bridge, visitors can enjoy snacks near this area such as squid cake (takoyaki) and many other snacks for an average price of 100 yen (equivalent to 21,000 VND).

To get to Okukuji Natural Park, you can take the JR Joban Line fast train for about an hour, from Ueno Station to Mito Station. Then take the JR Suigun Line train for more than 80 minutes from Mito Station to Fukuroda or Hitachi Daigo.

In addition, when coming to Ibaraki Prefecture, visitors can visit famous tourist attractions such as Fukuroda Falls, Ooarai Isosaki Temple and Hitachi seaside Park.

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