Experiences visitors should try when coming to Japan

Practicing ninja, learning to bake or learn about traditional culture are the most fascinating activities in Japan.

Getting to know Japanese culture is one of the most engaging experiences for both adults and children. Vietnamese children are often exposed to Japanese culture from childhood through books and cartoons. Therefore, when coming here, many children cannot help but be surprised to see with their own eyes the sights, temples or even sumo only seen through the small screen. Cultural discovery also helps children to have more knowledge about the surrounding world, form the ability to observe and learn. Photo: Untoldmorsels.

Transforming into a Samurai is an ideal experience for those who love action movies. Traveling to Japan, you will be dressed in traditional costumes, instructing how to hold swords, creating a look like real Samurai. One of the most popular destinations is the Samurai Kembu theater near Sanjo Station, north of Kyoto. There are also Kembu training classes – the traditional sword art of the Samurai. Photo: Untoldmorsels.

Visiting the Ninja Mura village in Togakushi in northern Nagano is an attractive option if you are going to Japan with your family. There is a Ninja shop in the village and also a cafe with Japanese-style dishes and drinks. Photo: Untoldmorsels.

Here you can rent or buy a Ninja outfit for your kids to wear while they take the obstacle course. In addition, the road to Ninja Mura village has a very famous temple called Togakuchi, you can visit here before entering the village.

Disneyland Tokyo is approximately a 45-minute drive from central Tokyo. This theme park is suitable for all ages. It offers unique Disneyland and Japanese-themed dishes. In addition, the play area also has water stations for hand washing with Mickey mouse-shaped soap. Photo: Untoldmorsels.

Taking cooking classes is one of the best experiences in Japan. Visitors will interact with the locals, learn about the culture and learn to cook Japanese-style dishes.

The dishes that many people look for here are traditional miso soup, fried chicken and Japanese omelet. Photo: Project Expedition.

Besides the above activities, Japan also has countless other interesting things such as zoos, Osaka Aquarium, sumo tournaments.

Coming to Japan with your family, visitors can visit the cartoon and comic paradise Akihabara. In addition, you should also visit the tourist spots in the ancient capital of Kyoto and enjoy the summer in Iwate district, Tokyo. Photo: Joshua Mellin.

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