Coffee noodles – the newest cooling dish in Japan

Combining coffee and soba noodles, a drink shop in Chiba Prefecture has launched a new cooling dish this summer.

If you’ve been to Japan in the summer, you’ve probably heard of or enjoyed coffee jelly. This is a coffee-flavored gelatin dessert and is the newest cooling treat attracting diners in Japan. Tanuki coffee shop owner in Kisarazu city, Chiba prefecture thinks that coffee jelly is not attractive enough. Therefore, the shop decided to create a new dish, coffee soba noodles.

Mì soba cà phê ăn bằng đũa theo cách truyền thống của người Nhật giống như soba lạnh. Ảnh: soranews24.

Coffee soba noodles eaten with chopsticks in the traditional Japanese way are like cold soba. Photo: soranews24.

Coffee noodles are a new jelly inspired by zaru soba (cold soba noodles), a popular summer dish in Japan. When eating, diners pick up cold noodles to separate them into the prepared soy sauce bowl and mix well. However, unlike normal soba noodles made from buckwheat flour, coffee noodles are mainly composed of gelatin and French coffee.

When eaten, the noodles are also cut into long fibers and mixed with soy sauce. But instead of mentsuyu, diners will enjoy the noodles with a sweet dipping sauce from blueberry syrup. In addition, the dish can also add green tea powder for a more unique taste.

Tanuki có không gian nhỏ dễ thương nằm cách ga Gion chỉ 3 phút đi bộ và mở cửa từ 11h đến 18h hàng ngày trừ thứ 2, 3. Ảnh: soranews24.

Tanuki has a cute little space located just 3 minutes walk from Gion Station and is open from 11am to 6pm daily except Mondays, 3. Photo: soranews24.

Tanuki shop started selling coffee soba from June 29 for 650 yen (140,000 VND) per serving. According to Soranews24, this new dish will definitely be the highlight of this summer and if it can attract a large number of diners, it will appear in the coming summers.

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