Japanese summer reasons attract tourists

Visitors can climb Mount Fuji, swim in the ocean or participate in the vibrant festivals that stretch throughout the summer in Japan.

Some experiences for visitors to explore summer Japan:

How hot is summer in Japan?

Summer in Japan is from June to the end of August, the weather is usually hot and humid. Around the end of June and early July in Japan is called the Tsuyu (rainy season). During this time average daytime temperatures are around 22 ℃. July and August sometimes exceed 30 ℃. Summer in Japan and Vietnam has many similarities.

Leo núi Phú Sĩ mùa hè là một trong những hoạt động được nhiều du khách yêu thích. Ảnh: Japantimes.

Like Da Lat, summers in Hokkaido are not hot, even chilly at night.

Visit Hokkaido, climb Mount Fuji and swim in the sea

Summer in Hokkaido is much cooler than the rest of Japan. Here you will visit the flowery countryside, the vibrant festivals, the hiking trails and the national parks.

Climbing Mount Fuji is also an activity that attracts many tourists. The climbing season usually starts in July and ends in September. During the climbing, you will be able to see a majestic natural scenery.

Cánh đồng hoa Lavender ở nông trại Tomita. Ảnh: Tugo

Climbing Mount Fuji in the summer is one of the activities that many tourists love. Photo: Japantimes.

Summer to Japan swimming is also a good idea, there are many famous islands and beaches stretching from Kyushu to Hokkaido. In Kansai, visit Shirahama Beach in Wakayama or take a ferry south to Naoshima for surfing. If you are near Tokyo, you can go to Kamakura for swimming and sightseeing, or go to Ibaraki prefecture for fishing and visit the picturesque Oarai Isosaki Shrine.

See flowers and enjoy the food

If you have the opportunity to visit Japan in the summer, don’t forget to take the time to visit the Lavender flower garden. Every June and July, the Tomita flower farm in Furano, Hokkaido wears a giant purple carpet with a fragrant fragrance.

Lavender fields at the Tomita farm. Photo: Tugo

In the summer, Japanese cuisine revolves around dishes that are chilled and use fresh ingredients. The most famous is the cold zaru soba noodle dish – buckwheat noodles paired with a chilled broth. A dessert must include Kakigori – shaved ice with sweet syrup.

Join the festivals

From street festivals to celebrations in Japan that stretch throughout the summer. You can go to Yosakoi Soran Bushi in Sapporo, Awa Odori Matsuri in Tokushima or Asakusa Samba Carnival in Tokyo to enjoy traditional dances. If you want to see the parades, go to the Gion or Jidai festival in Kyoto, the Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, or the Kanto Matsuri in Akita.

Mùa hè cũng là mùa lễ hội ở Nhật Bản. Ảnh: Alljapantours.

Summer is also the festive season in Japan. Photo: Alljapantours.

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