The principle of eating only 80% of the people in the longest living area in Japan

The diet of 200 kinds of food and the principle of 80% satiety makes Okinawa the region with the largest population over 100 in the world.

Nearly two thirds of the population in Okinawa Prefecture can live on their own at the age of 97 without the care of someone else. With a tropical climate and favored by nature, it seems that the old generation here is always full of energy. They garden, do yoga, ride a bike, even play sports.

Sharing the secret of longevity, Okinawans often mention the words “Ikigai” and “Moai”. “Ikigai” means to live with purpose. Unlike many parts of the world, the elderly in Japan continue to work to contribute to society. “Moai” also emphasizes the role of close and close social relationships in life. However, it is diet and eating habits that make this land so special.

The popular rule of the Okinawans is “hara hachi bu” – meaning to stop eating when 80% full. This principle is based on a scientifically proven phenomenon that it takes the stomach 20 minutes to send a signal to the brain about how much food the body has absorbed. Instead of continuing to eat until fullness, leave the bowl while still a little hungry. After a while, the body feels comfortable and comfortable.

Bữa cơm của người Okinawa. Ảnh: Be. Okinawa.

The Okinawan meal. Photo: Be. Okinawa.

The people of Okinawa value diversity in their food. Each day, they eat 18 foods, including seven types of vegetables and fruits. The Okinawan diet consists of 200 different types of food.

If it is not convenient to eat at home, Okinawans use a bento box. The amount of food in the box, although less than the regular meal, remains diverse. Common foods for bento include rice, sweet potatoes, goya gourd, a small slice of fish, root vegetables, fruit, miso soup and green tea; These are all very healthy foods.

Although young people here have less healthy lifestyles than the elderly, Okinawa is still known as the “Land of Immortality” of not only Japan but all over the world.

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