Go to eat at the worst restaurant in Japan

Suffering from amnesia, the staff here often forget the guests’ menus, but many people still come to support the ladies.

According to Sohu, this place has the name “restaurant of mistakes” in Tokyo, Japan. Although the name sounds full of failure, business here is very smooth.

Every day, it is not uncommon for waiters to bring out dishes that customers cannot call, which is the brand of the restaurant, but it is not that they deliberately do this to attract customers.

The restaurant impresses with its staff are women aged 60 and over. Photo: Yahoo Japan.

In fact, the waiters in this restaurant are all Alzheimer’s (dementia syndrome) patients. Not only is they forgetful, their service is also not quick. In return, the dishes at the restaurant are carefully processed and have a traditional taste, not much different from food cooked at home.

The restaurant’s founder hopes that eating at a restaurant will cause more people to change their views about dementia and to be more patient with people with the condition.

Japan is a country with very serious aging. Therefore, in order for more people to better understand the old age, the local government also encourages people to come to support the restaurant. After meals, customers will pay more attention to the elderly around them.

Even though they write their food on paper, sometimes women forget where to put the paper. Photo: Yahoo Japan.

“When I went to this restaurant, even if I was mistaken for a dish that I didn’t like, I still didn’t have any dissatisfaction. Because aside from the ladies’ cuteness, the food here is. really delicious, “said one customer happily when they finished eating.

The chefs here are selected rigorously and are healthy, capable of cooking both European and Asian dishes.

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