Oita – the number one onsen paradise in Japan

Hot spring bath (onsen) is a traditional Japanese culture that not only helps the spirit to relax but also rejuvenate the skin.

As a prefecture on Japan’s 4th largest Kyushu island, Oita is known as an onsen paradise as it owns the largest number of hot springs in the world. Visiting Oita during your trip to Japan, you will have the opportunity to soak in the hot springs, enjoy and experience the difference here. The famous onsen areas that indigenous people and tourists love must include Beppu, Yufuin or Tsukano Kosen, Nagayu, …

Beppu – “the smoke city”

Beppu City is the largest hot spring resort in the world, with about 130,000 tons of hot water flowing out continuously from 2,900 springs. Tourists will not be surprised to see the columns of steam rising, covering the whole city. At Beppu, you have the opportunity to experience a variety of hot baths, especially hot sand baths at Sunayu Onsen.

Thành phố lúc nào cũng sôi sùng sục ở Nhật Bản.

The city has always been seething in Japan.

However, the hot springs in Beppu are not everywhere with direct baths, typically a series of “mineral springs hell” including Umijigoku – Sea of ​​Hell; Chinoike Jigoku – A pond of blood; Umi Jigoku – The cobalt blue sea; Oniishibozu Jigoku – Monk’s head; Shiraike Jigoku – White Stream; Kamado Jigoku – Pot of boiling water; Oniyama Jigoku – Crocodile Lake; Yama Jigoku; Tatsumaki Jigoku. Because the average temperature at these hot springs is very high from 50 – 99.5 ° C.

Yufuin Onsen

Located in Yufu City, Oita Prefecture, Yufuin Onsen has 852 onsen springs, second only to Beppu City. This place has pure water, less mineral, colorless, is a favorite destination for families. Located at the foot of Yufu Mountain amidst the beautiful natural scenery with open space, Yufuin Onsen is not only a place for you to relax, restore your fitness but also admire the majestic mountains.

Yufuin Onsen níu chân du khách bởi các dãy nhà đậm chất nông thôn, hàng quán được trang trí lãng mạn, tạo nên khu phố thơ mộng và khung cảnh yên bình khi nhìn ngắm từ xa.

Yufuin Onsen attracts visitors by the rows of rural houses, romanticly decorated shops, creating a romantic neighborhood and peaceful scenery when viewed from afar.

Nagayu Onsen

Located at the foot of Kuju Mountain, Taketa City, Nagayu Hot Springs is a rare form because of the water containing a high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), with a warmth suitable for bathing. Nagayu is Japan’s leading hot spring, highly effective in restoring health, relaxing the spirit, in addition to helping to treat neuralgia, fear of cold very well.

Nước suối tại Nagayu Onsen rất tốt cho nữ giới, bởi những bọt khí nhỏ trong nước sẽ thúc đẩy lưu thông máu, giúp da trẻ đẹp hơn.

The spring water at Nagayu Onsen is very good for women, because the small bubbles in the water will promote blood circulation, making the skin look younger and more beautiful.

Hita Amagase Onsen

“Hometown of water” – Hita city is also famous for Amagase, the open-air hot spring formed on both sides of the Kusugawa River. The underground hot springs here are so plentiful that every pebble is dug up and water gushes out from below. Coming to Amagase hot spring, you can experience the feeling of open-air bathing while watching the beautiful natural scenery.

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