Wolf robots guard the Japanese fields

Robot named “Super monster wolf” is equipped with infrared ray sensor to detect and repel intruding animals.deo Player is loading.

Farms near Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, have been protected by a robotic wolf with a ferocious appearance for the past eight months, Futurism reported on March 8. This robot, called “Super Monster Wolf”, was built to prevent animals from eating farmers’ crops.

The Hokkaido wolf that inhabited Japan went extinct in the early 19th century after a wolf eradication campaign. This has partly caused some areas to experience an uncontrolled number of deer and wild boars. They often come to eat rice and chestnuts of the people.

After the successful test, the robot wolf will go into mass production next month. This robot can effectively operate within a radius of about one kilometer, which is more efficient than an electric fence, according to Japanese expert Chihiko Umezawa.

The robotic wolf is 65 cm long, the size of a real wolf and not yet able to move. It was fitted with fangs and long bristles. The robot wolf is currently priced around $ 4,840.

This robot operates on solar battery and detects intruders thanks to infrared sensor. When it detects an approaching creature, it will use a series of sounds such as gunshots, howls and human sounds to scare away the creature.

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