Behind nude sushi parties in Japan

Nude sushi models are often reassured that the chef is always with them in the room and has a knife, if something goes wrong they will “take action”.

During the nude sushi party (Nyotaimori) in Japan, guests will eat sushi, sashimi made by a skilled chef and placed on the bodies of undressed models. During the meal, the model had to lie still, not allowed to talk to customers.

Nyotaimori có nguồn gốc từ thời Samurai. Ảnh: JPT.

Nyotaimori has its origins in the Samurai era. Photo: JPT.

In Japanese, Nyotaimori means lady body sushi (eating sushi on a woman’s body). It originated in the celebrations of samurai victories and took place in a house with geisha. Although this type has existed since ancient times in Japan, but now the people of the country of cherry blossoms do not consider it a long tradition of their country. They argue that eating sushi on the nude virgin body is simply a “type”, according to Kotaku.

Although not honored by the people, this form of food is still prevalent and becomes a culinary trend that causes storms worldwide, according to Scoop Whoop.

In an interview with Debrief, Charlotte, a nude sushi model, said that there are two great things about her job. It is money and excitement.

Models must lie naked in the banquet room when the temperature is only about 15-20 degrees C. In return, their income is high. Photo: Pinterest.

Contrary to what many people often imagine, preparing for such a party requires meticulousness. Before becoming a “live sushi plate”, models (both male and female) were trained to be able to lie still for hours without moving from numbness. Their bodies also have to withstand long-term exposure to frozen foods. Before going to the party, the model must shower with non-scented soap. Then, they have to rinse with cool water to cool the body, not affecting the taste of the sushi.

Người mẫu phải khỏa thân nằm trong phòng tiệc khi nhiệt độ chỉ vào khoảng 15-20 độ C. Bù lại, thu nhập của họ cao. Ảnh: Pinterest.

Charlotte denied this was an act of eroticism. Many chefs make nude sushi with a passion, she says, and they see it as an art form.

Mimi, another model, also revealed her career secrets on Reddit. Many people often think her work is dangerous, she said. However, people always have rules to keep models safe. One of them is to never hold a Nyotaimori session at a bar – where there are drunk people drinking, unless there is a lot of security guards. In addition, the sensitive parts of the model are covered with leaves. Guests are required to use chopsticks to pick up instead of hand.

“The boss even joked that we can rest assured, since the chef makes sushi right in the party room. They always have knives available, so if they meet the rude guests, they can take action immediately. “, Mimi said.

She said she is always lucky to meet polite guests, so her job is not too uncomfortable. Some people who go to Nyotaimori for the first time are often stressed out. However, things are still going on within her acceptable limits. “Customers are usually wealthy entrepreneurs, they are classy people and know how to behave,” Mimi said. She also does not have the habit of dating customers, because most of them are “old uncle”.

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