Japanese group ‘Virtual Money Girls’

Japanese girl group wants to introduce to the public information about Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Nhóm nhạc 8 thành viên Những cô gái tiền ảo sắp ra mắt tại Nhật. Ảnh: Japan Today.

8-member group Virtual Money Girls coming to Japan soon. Photo: Japan Today.

Each member of the 8-person group “Virtual Money Girls” (Kasotsuka Shojo) will represent a digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple, according to AFP. Girls wear masks, short skirts with aprons, and knee-high socks.

The group will perform live in Tokyo on January 12, according to management company Cinderella Academy. Participants were forced to use virtual currency to buy tickets.

“We want through entertainment to spread the message that cryptocurrencies are not only an investment tool but also a great technology that drives the future,” said Rara Naruse, 18, the group’s leader. .

In their debut song “The Moon, Virtual Currency and Me”, the group wants to warn operators of fraud and urge people to pay attention to cybersecurity to protect themselves.

The group was born from the recent Bitcoin boom in the market, when the value of this digital currency sometimes reached nearly $ 20,000. In December 2017, nearly 30% of global Bitcoin transaction volume was recorded in Japanese yen. The country has also recognized Bitcoin as a legal copayment.

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