Shabani – Japan’s most handsome gorilla

Despite having two wives and two children, Shabani gorillas still make visitors “crazy” because of their handsome appearance.

Higashiyama Zoo in Aichi Prefecture, Japan is often crowded with visitors due to its possession of a “star” attracting visitors. That is the Shabani gorilla.

Shabini được mọi người bình chọn là khỉ đột đẹp trai nhất Nhật Bản. Ảnh: AFP.

Shabini is voted by everyone as the most handsome gorilla in Japan. Photo: AFP.

Shabani is a 19-year-old male monkey, weighing 180 kg and is the most loved by Japanese people because … so handsome. Therefore, the majority of visitors to Shabani in the zoo are women. They also nicknamed Shabani as Ikemen (slang for the handsome guy).

The beast started to gain national popularity in June 2015, when its pictures appeared on Twitter and Instagram of many tourists. It quickly won the sympathy of everyone.

Có lẽ Shabani không ngờ rằng vẻ đẹp của mình lại khiến người Nhật mê mẩn đến vậy. Ảnh: AFP.

Perhaps Shabani did not expect her beauty to make the Japanese so fascinated. Photo: AFP.

Shabani was born in the Netherlands, raised in Australia and moved to Japan in 2007. Despite having two wives and two children, the charm of this “handsome guy” has not cooled down, any tourists to Higashiayama Zoo all want to take pictures with this animal.

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