Young men and women in Japan wear their skirts to attend the maturity ceremony

1.2 million young men and women turn 20 years old in Japan to celebrate on January 14.

The adult ceremony is held annually on the first day of the week for the second time in January in Japan. This year, the holiday falls on January 14. Women who attend this festival must wear furisode (unmarried kimono, colorful colors), according to Reuters.

A young Japanese man goes to a hall in Yokohama for the celebration. All of you who turn 20 between April 2 of the previous year and April 1 of this year will participate. The holiday has a history going back to 714, when a young prince changed into new clothes and cut his hair to say goodbye to his teens.

The hall held a ceremony in Yokohama city. This year, Japan has about 1.2 million people celebrating.

20-year-old girls dressed in traditional kimono bow in a ceremony marking the ceremony of maturity. This year, Yokohama has nearly 35,000 young men and women turning 20 years old.

Young men and women go to Toshimaen amusement park in Tokyo on January 14.

Mickey Mouse cartoon character welcomes Japanese boys and girls entering the age of 20.

Riding a roller coaster in the park is one of the traditional public holidays celebrated in Tokyo.

Japanese girls and boys sit in the park’s halls for the ceremony, listening to local officials talking about new adult responsibilities.

Two young women went to the Meiji Temple in Tokyo to attend the juvenile ceremony on January 14.

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