The most lonely Japanese princess in the world with immutable rules

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Becoming a princess is a girl’s dream, but for Princess Aiko, being born into a royal family sometimes comes with loneliness.
Princess Toshi, also known as Princess Aiko, was the only child of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. Emperor Naruhito was the successor and heir to the throne of his father, former Emperor Akihito, last year.
At 59, this is the moment Naruhito has been waiting for all his life, but for his daughter, who is now 18, that sets her lonely fate.
At the time when Emperor Naruhito was inaugurated, Princess Aiko did not appear beside her father and not even Queen Masako, his 27-year-old companion, was not there. Traditionally, women are not allowed to appear during the coronation ceremony of the Emperor of Japan.
The Japanese royal family, considered the world’s oldest dynasty, dates back to 660 BC. When the Emperor was crowned, also marked the beginning of a series of taboos placed on Princess Aiko’s shoulders.

Nàng công chúa Nhật Bản cô đơn nhất thế giới với những quy tắc bất di bất dịch - Ảnh 1.

Emperor Naruhito and his wife debuted to the public after the coronation ceremony.

Princess Aiko for her 18th birthday.
According to royal rules, the princess would not be allowed to marry a commoner. If you do this, Aiko will lose everything including your title and property. This also meant that the princess might never get married because she was only allowed to marry someone from the aristocracy. However, at present, there is no longer any noble in Japan.
Not only that, Princess Aiko will also never inherit the throne, as the Japanese royal family only allows men to take the throne. Few know that, before Emperor Naruhito ascended the throne, Princess Aiko struggled with her life as a royal.
At the age of 8, Aiko refused to go to school because her friends teased and ridiculed. Eventually, she was persuaded to return to the classroom if she was accompanied by her mother. After a while, Aiko confidently went to class without her mother. The Crown Prince Naruhito and his wife at that time tried to make their daughter’s school days more pleasant by regularly inviting her classmates to the palace gatherings.
An investigation revealed that Princess Aiko had to experience “violent things” from her male classmates. However, the school explains that there were two male students who accidentally ran into her, making her scared.

In October 2016, anxiety increased when Princess Aiko did not attend school for nearly two months due to an unspecified illness. Royal officials confirmed the princess always complained that she suffered from stomach pain and dizziness. At that time, it was said that she was under pressure to study to prepare for exams as well as practice for a sporting event.
In December of that year, when the Japanese royal family released official photos celebrating Princess Aiko’s 15th birthday, people were shocked by her ailing, thin appearance, leading many to think of her. have an eating disorder.
After graduating from Gakushuin Girls’ High School, Aiko spent three months studying at Eton School in England and living in a motel. For the past few years, the 18-year-old princess, a cello enthusiast, has been accompanying her parents on a number of royal assignments and preparing to enter the university lecture hall.
However, as she reached adulthood, Aiko seemed to have little to expect, as several relatives older than her had all had their own experiences. In 2005, her aunt Princess Sayako married a commoner in the presence of 30 people. She had no choice but to leave the palace and move into a normal apartment in Tokyo.

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The image of Princess Aiko at the age of 15 shocked public opinion.
Sayako received only about $ 1.6 million in dowries, a tiny fraction of the $ 355 million the Japanese royal family spends annually. In addition, to prepare for a new life as a commoner, Princess Sayako must also learn to drive and learn to shop at the supermarket.
Last year, Aiko’s other cousin Princess Ayako also lost her royal title and other perks after marrying her boyfriend Kei Moraya, an employee at a shipping company.
Since her birth, Princess Aiko has always lived in silk velvet, enjoying royal privileges. She always has a team of staff by her side to take care of her and make sure she follows the rules of the palace. So what would she do if in the future Aiko chooses her fiancé as a commoner?

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There are now calls to modernize the monarchy in Japan so that women can be crowned and marrying outsiders. Thus, Princess Aiko is able to inherit the throne to become the head of the palace.

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Princess Ayako accepts to lose everything to marry a commoner.

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